Egypt: Remembering the fallen heroes


A haunting tribute to the fallen in Egypt’s struggle for democracy and economic justice.

But the struggle for real economic justice in the face of predatory global economic forces in collaboration with local elites is by no means over just because Mubarak has stepped down.

Egyptians have to continue to remain vigilant to ensure that their popular uprising is not hijacked to perpetuate the status quo.

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UMNO is still ignorant of the fact that it had overstayed longer than the Mubarak regime.. High tme for the umno elites to pave way for a new govt – given the strong signal from the silent majority who feel that UMNO must go ? Take note of the wake-up call from Egypt’s uprising.. It’s not only applicable to sarawak alone ???

Cheng Poh Heng

It is a moving and meaningful tribute to Egyptians, who braved the dreaded Secret Police and Mubarak thugs, to reclaim their homeland from an absolutely corrupt and greedy so-called leader. This so-called leader had misled Egyptians for 30 years and enought is enough! Here in Malaysia, we have an equally corrupt and greedy regime led by UMNO/BN, which also misled and mis-ruled Malaysia for more than 53 years. Will enough Malaysians … reclaim our homeland …That is the question and the answer lies with Malaysians who really care. As for UMNO and its cronies and lackeys, that would be the… Read more »


Wonder if any Malaysian will make the ultimate sacrifice to safe this country…judging by unabated piracy…its status quo…

RM100 is enough for a Sabah and Sarawakian voter

For Felda kampong…apparently 20,000 is the going price

For Tamils ..well a bottle and promise of an attap over their heads suffices..

For the Chinese..Chinese school is good enough…

Sorry Malaysia…no one will cry for you…

Kok Keong

Powerful and loving tribute too…

To the “ordinary” Egyptians, the world salutes you as you have touched our minds, hearts and souls. I fervently hope this is just the first step–as important, painful and glorious as it had been that you accomplished–to better things to come for your beloved country.
May you continue to be blessed with the power to do what’s right, fair and just for the living as well as on behalf of the fallen…


Worthy heroes are dead heroes!…soon forgotten.
It is difficult to draw a line where bravery ends and stupidity begins. In a selfish community like Bolehland,
there are no heroes but, plenty of patriotic pretenders…