DBKL’s bill: Red Shirts RM38,000; Bersih RM62,000


The KL mayor estimates the clean-up bill for the Red Shirts rally would come up to about RM50,000. Alam Flora is supposed to be doing the costing. But Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister Rahman Dahlan says the bill is RM38,000 and Alam Flora has confirmed the amount. Everyone could see in photos the piles of trash left behind by the rally goers. And Alam Flora personnel were photographed being deployed during the event.

Bersih, for its part, is being charged RM62,000 for the clean-up despite a lot of the work in collecting litter being done earlier by Bersih volunteers. Apparently, the bill was for the cost of monitoring and dismantling banners and buntings, and erasing graffiti, and putting up barriers and fences. “From August 13 to 31, 231 banners were brought down and 677 officers and enforcement officers had to work 24 hours in three shifts on monitoring duties.” How many were officers were deployed for the Red Shirts event?

As for the claim about the stench of urine, during the two days of the rally and the day after (31 August), when I walked along Jalan Tun Perak and in the area near Dataran, I never even so much had a whiff of any smell of urine. Even if there were isolated pockets, how sure can we be that they were the result of the Bersih rally?

In any case, is it the practice of DBKL to bill organisers of other major events for rubbish collected and clean-up work after each major event. Isn’t rubbish collection part of the DBKL’s function anyway for which it collects annual rates?

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Perhimpunan Agung Umno 2015 confirmed that Umno is behind the red shirt rally:

Thousands of booklets on the “red shirt” rally held last September, where racial slurs were hurled, were distributed to Umno delegates at the party’s general assembly. Titled “Kebangkitan Baju Merah” (The Rise of Red Shirts), the 104-page book was heavy on photographs and is produced by Putrajaya’s propaganda unit, the Special Affairs Department (Jasa).



Johor prince Tunku Idris Sultan Ibrahim, in his latest Instagram posting, has expressed revulsion for ethnic bigotry. “It’s disgusting. Racism and its hateful language have no place in this community,” said the Johor sultan’s third child said in a posting. The prince also put up a comment beneath: “I have Malay, Chinese, and English blood running thru my veins”. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=sB_HE25-pcM Just hours earlier, Tunku Idris re-posted a hadith (saying attributed to Prophet Muhammad) put up by his mother Raja Zarith Sofiah, showing the Prophet’s abhorrence of cruel treatment of Muslims towards others of different faiths. “Among the Sunnah or the… Read more »


Himpunan Baju Merah Rakyat Bersatu Provokasi Perkauman Pada Kaum Cina?

Himpunan Baju Merah Rakyat Bersatu-Lawak Sabun PROTEX Bagus Untuk Melayu


I hope the Sultan of Johor will haul up that racist Malay lady (uttering Babi remarks) who claimed to be from Johor.


MCA should follow the footsteps of Pasir Gudang MCA Youth to cut ties with Najib’s UMNO.


CNN Interview Baju Merah (訪問紅衫軍)
“Protect lah, protect lah, maybe, people.
Protect, protek…!!!!”


Litter more rubbish & the rubbish of racist slurs in rallies & you may most likely
be slapped with a lesser fine!!!
Calling others using derogatory racist remarks is AOK as long as one is Red Eyed (jealous of others).
Use national rally for unity as venue for other covetous intentions like Petaling Street ‘clean up’ & ‘take over’ is excusable as long as there are blames of provocation.

This is the rule & law of subjectivity of Boleh Land.


Pak Samad:
“I predict there might be a state of emergency before the next GE. If not, if the government remains weak after the next GE, then it might happen after the elections. They are defending the interests of the Malays. It’s not a bad thing, but it’s as though they forget Malaysia is not a country for the Malays alone,”

Ed G

Kind of reminiscence of President Marco’s (of Philippines) Marshall law to prevent himself from being voted out.

Sia Boey Guiness Drinker

PM and his deputy Super Biker were both too shock by turnout of Himpunan 169, the duo kindly gave a discount on DBKL’s Bill?
Either too shock (for public display) or too shiok (for dungu ego), you go figure out the DBKL’s Bill.
Btw, is there any GST added?


Mr BauKencing KotaBelud says there was no kencing smell and he forgot the big mess? Perhaps the water spray from FRU water-cannon cleaned it up?


Mata2 should bill them for the use of water to fill the tanks. Now nearing drought season. Amin you are Selangor mb. Ask air Selangor to charge the red shirts


It has to be a joke that a government which is holding all the controlling and administrative powers of a nation has to resort to go to the street demonstration (to show of power, as the people’s power?) !
Where in the world would have we been able to see that farce ?

Ed G

Zimbabwe, perhaps?

Joy Lai

Pay per participant?


RM100 for the outstation Malays from Felda(?)


They know Bersih 4 has collected RM2.4 millions but they’ve never mentioned the RM3 millions they (allegedly) received from “somebody” !
But RM3 millions is just a pittance comparing to 2.6 BILLIONS, isn’t it ???


What’s more, BERSIH 4 had their own clean-up squads cleaning up the place too. Some of which went as far as to pick up cigarettes butts according to one report.

Art Harun poked Rahman Dahlan in the proverbial ribs, as well as cucuk’d the Red Shirt fellas and Najib, in a sarcastic tweet asking why BERSIH 4 which had “only 20,000” turning up was billed 65K while the Red Shirts and their “1 million” participants only faced a 35K bill.


Azhar Harun: Meanwhile on twitter…

Ed G

In the first place, are the street of KL so clean before the rally or on any ordinary day? Even if the stench of urine actually existed, how sure are those involved in the cleanup that they are not the work of the vagrants, stray dogs or cats?


But then in Malaysia, not all are created to be equal.. not even the rubbish.


He could tolerate the urine stench of his own kind, thus lower billing?

gk ong

Dr Mahath has accused Prime Minister Najib of being behind street rallies to support his premiership in the face of calls for his resignation.

“Najib has paid people to demonstrate in the streets in support of him. He has, of course, made it illegal for people to demonstrate for his removal,” said Mahathir on his blog.

Although he did not specify, the long-serving PM was likely referring to the red shirt rally on Sept 16 in Kuala Lumpur, held by pro-Najib quarters.