Day 13 – Occupy Dataran continues


It’s Day 13 – and the folks at Occupy Dataran are still there, defying the odds.

DBKL has set up barricades in the area that was used as the camp ground. So yesterday, the ‘occupiers’ moved to the other side of the square where the flag pole is located.

A delegation of Himpunan Hijau supporters dropped by to express their solidarity.

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Bakar Brothers
Bakar Brothers
27 Apr 2012 7.47am

jangan takut
bersin 3.0 tak ada masalah kalau kita tak buat kecoh.

27 Apr 2012 6.21am

Let us occupy Dataran with YELLOW come this Saturday

Big bang Boom
Big bang Boom
26 Apr 2012 4.32pm

Based on the pics posted, some of these occupiers are good sketch artists. may be they can earn some money doing sketches for those coming for 428 sit-ins. money earned can help to pay back ptptn loans should the gomen insists they hav to.