Crowd holding vigil near Bukit Aman chased away


Some 100 people turned up tonight for a vigil near Bukit Aman to call for the immediate release of the PSM 6.

Peaceful Malaysians hold a vigil along Jalan Tanglin to demand the release of the PSM 6 - Photograph: Tony Pua

Police, however, told the crowd they would no longer tolerate vigils and ordered those present to disperse or risk arrest, according to Tony Pua in a tweet. Candlelight vigils, it would seem, are a security threat.

Candles in hand, the group then walked to the Lake Gardens.

They lined up along Jalan Tangling and continued to demand the immediate release of the six PSM activists.

After being chased away again, they then strolled to Jalan Parlimen, said the DAP MP.

Tony, in his address to the crowd, described Dr Jeyakumar as “the most gentle and genial MP I know in Parliament”.

The group later dispersed peacefully at 9.00pm.

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Candle is a threat, yellow is a threat, gentle person like Dr Jeyakumar is a threat, a Mongolian lady is a threat, Anwar is a threat… so all these people … they have to put behind bar…

Allah God, please save Malaysia !!!

fair play

Our DPM just met with the North Korean diplomat. Isn’t he from a communist country?


Malaysia is not afraid of foreign communist like North Korea as TUDM will counter the threat with the purchase of Eurofighter jets while our TLDM has got the submarine capability.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

BE STRONG & GLAD – 260711

‘When anyone can’t differentiate between right and wrong
And distinguish between good and bad
Then it’s time to choose one more strong
And elect someone who will make us glad

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng
Tue.26th Jul.2011.


Receiving a communist leader form a communist country is NOT a security threat.
Quiet , peaceful candle lights gathering is a threat to the pdrm.
Why not? Even Dr.Asri is a threat.
But Perkasa is never ever a threat.


BN labels anything that is against it as haram.
We have been told that Malaysia is facing threat from the Jews, Communists, Ayah Pin, … but not Perkasa.
Perkasa is an umno’s pet, mca knew it but cannot do anything.
Let us tell BN that their term expires after the next election.