Court hearing for ISA Vigil 23 postponed to Friday, 23 Jan


23 for 23rd.

The hearing for the 23 Abolish ISA vigil/Bersih anniversary participants who are to be charged at the PJ Magistrates Court has been postponed to 9.00am on Friday, 23 January.

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Joe K Ramesh
Joe K Ramesh
22 Jan 2009 11.38am

Emm, not surprised but Im gravely, and deeply regret that the police are charging Rev Father Paulino Miranda and Tony Pua for taking part in an illegal assembly organised by the “Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections”, better known by its Malay acronym Bersih. Like I say, its up to the Police to conveniently ‘customised’ any charges they like. Its an utter lie by the police again,on the day 9th November, there were no one particulat organiser. Its the usual Anti-ISA vigils that was held every Sunday? The Bersih group just want to join the Anti-ISA vigil group( Which I… Read more »

22 Jan 2009 10.45am

…. guardians who act like …, that’s PDRM

22 Jan 2009 2.15am
Concern Citizen
Concern Citizen
21 Jan 2009 8.41pm

Instead of letting these peaceful people go, our police can intimidate to any level they choose. Don’t they ever have families of their own? Are the police ‘humans’?” Don’t they understand the kind of torment they caused to the rakyat and their family? To begin with, its unlawful to have these poeple detained. No apology and yet determine to charged others. How can Umno or the Government ever talk about ‘good’ governence and fair to their citizens. Is the government serious about wiining the hearts of the rakyat? Its plain stupidity and cowards to put normal citizens under such threats… Read more »