Council polls: Meet the applicants


As of today, 16 applicants have submitted forms to contest in elections to determine civil society’s nominees to serve as MPPP and MPSP councillors.

The Penang Forum folks have put up the list of names, which are linked to some basic information about the candidates, here.

Remember, you can contest too, if you meet the criteria set out on the Penang Forum website. Closing date for applications is 10 Nov.

If you have any objections regarding any of the applicants listed, please send them to Penang Forum, email: aliran (at) streamyx (dot) com

When emailing, please include your name and contact details. Anonymous objections will not be entertained. (Please do not put your objections about individual candidates in the comments section below; instead, email them to Penang Forum c/o Aliran.) Closing date for objections is 12 Nov.

Closing date to register as voters is 12 Nov.

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Gerakan, Whether the state assembly was legally or illegal, you don`t even know or can`t differentiate. But one thing is for sure, it was illegally grabbed and stolen through dubious and (by … politicians like …. Hee who immediately in the aftermath could afford a new mercedes benz.) Kg Buah Pala resident promises has been fulfilled with a RM 620,000/= double storey house. If they want the RM 3,000,000/= land they can get it either from UMNO< MIC, MCA or Gerakan. But let me tell you waht these BN will tell these leftover idiot folk. Just … off. Anyway they… Read more »

Gerakan K

We want a serious and not “main-main” administration.

This poll to me belongs to “main-main” category.


About a few months ago, I asked Wong Mun Hoe what Gerakan had done for Penang and why should we have Ostrich KTK as CM? He got so upset & said, “if you guys are angry with (Ostrich) KTK, then vote him out, why blame Gerakan?, we had done Nothing at all.
Fully agree with him Gerakan had done nothing at all for 18 years under an Ostrich.

Dr. Pang HC

reading the comments by Gerakan K and DAP = UMNO convinces me that some Malaysians deserve the government they have.


Reading your message really makes me where you got your “Dr.” from.

If you can’t differentiate a real election (Local Council Election) from a fake one (Aliran controlled election) you still dare to call yourself a “Dr.” ?

Gerakan K

What is the fuss here dear all readers ??? PR even staged a state assembly (legally or illegally I also don’t know) under a tree. What a shame to our nation internationally !!! That polls are just the consolation prize for its supporters since they failed to run Local City Council election in Penang. Mind you, this is their election manifesto in GE 12. Eh, defending Kampung Buah Pala was also their election promise in GE 12. But, it has gone too. Mind you again, their representative even switched off the phone to distance themselves from the issue. How ironic… Read more »


Dumbo DAP=UMNO! Who says this is a local council election?

Don’t you understand English? The first paragraph of this article explains all! Dumbo!


What else can you do but calling other people “dumbo” ?


Please stop promoting a LIE !!

1. This is NOT an election.

2. Those who are “standing for election” will NOT get elected.

3. And the “council”, they are NOT City Council.

What Lim Guan Eng has promised the Penangites is a Local City Council election.

Not this.

Please stop promoting this LIE !!!