Candlelight vigil reaches Seremban


Photos by Rakyat@Work

The first baby steps for Seremban folks but a giant leap for justice and Bangsa Malaysia

Rakyat@Work reports for on Seremban’s first Abolish ISA candlelight vigil:

Once again, a Eureka experience, entirely refreshing. Kudos to Angela et al for a successful vigil.

2110: The crowd now numbers a hundred or more. First to take the floor is none other than Marina. She gives us an update on RPK. Although his overall health is holding, he has to overcome various daily challenges such as sleeping on a platform which gives rise to backaches; food that is !#$@%. If there’s anything funny, it’s his belly. Flat! Really flat! (Sad, funny laughter from the crowd.)

“Can I buy him a proper bed?” asks someone in the crowd.

“Ya, what about one from Osim?” suggests another.

“Well, well, thanks to all,” replies Marina. “But you know, rules are rules and under ISA, you can imagine by now.”

We need to continue supporting RPK, and judging from the number of witnesses the prosecutors have lined up for his trial, we need even more patience and strength.

Here’s a summary of quotes and activities by the various speakers.

– A Desiderata reminding us of Raja Petra was read out loud by the crowd.
– “Get rid of ISA!!”
– “Free RPK and all ISA detainees!”
– “We will bring more Pas supporters next week!”
– “Bebaskan RPK, Mansuhkan ISA”
– “ISA is against Islamic teaching!”
– “I’m pleasantly surprised to see the crowds.”
– “We are getting more signatories and various debates on ISA and will bring it up in Parliament soon.”
– “ISA is not meant for Bangsa rakyat.”
–  The crowd holds hands with one another, observing a minute of silence and prays for RPK and family.

Looking forward to another Seremban Vigil next Week!

A round of applause for everyone; thanks for another wonderful Vigil, especially to our Seremban brothers and sisters.

Come and be free!!

2030: “Okay people, gather round here and make a circle,” shouts Zorro. As always, a great person he is. He begin his opening address by making everyone feel at home. Many thanks to individuals and groups for making possible this evening gathering. Special thanks for our Seremban “first” organiser, Angela. Full of zest, energy, and purpose – a woman with a mission. Thanks.

Despite the fact, being Angela’s first attempt, the number and quality
of speakers she have invited for the Vigil was commendable.
We had many VVIP speakers. Spokesperson from DAP, PAS, even
Representative of Supreme Council from Keadilan. Clap clap clap.

2020: About 60 or 70 poeple in different groups are shaking hands, talking, laughing, hugging, some just wandering around, looking for partners. All four ‘uncles’ disappear amongst the crowd, on our own exploratory trips. As usual, taking pictures, camcording and greeting new and old friends. Renown bloggers are also here. Quite a number of people here from KL; not sure anyone from the south though. Hey, Marina’s here too; what a feeling!

2005: Wow! That’s our first reaction when we get down from our car. It’s the venue, Dataran Seremban Park –  a beautiful, Wide open space, clean, well maintained,  with the wind blowing against our face. It’s surely about freedom, isn’t it? Well, can’t blame us, boxed into crammed city lives for too long. ya?

We are greeted by a woman who extends a warm welcome. She gives us candles and thanks us for coming. We later find out she is also from KL. Ha ha.

2000: “The men from Uncle” arrive. All four of us (‘uncles’) had a wonderful time travelling from PJ. It’s one of those trips you really look forward to. “People with a mission and purpose” – that’s a life worth living. We were all blessed with this opportunity.

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5 Nov 2008 6.29am

Thro’ out History, Thro’all Civilizations/Cultures/Societies, The Light is always lit when the day wanes & darkness descends. The Light is turned on , Lamps lit , Candles fired, To allow us to see in the darkness. For the fire is The Divine’s Gift to us. The Candle has become the Symbol of Hope & Faith The Candle when lit and held in the Darkness, Reminds us of those who need to be Enlightened, Reminds us of those who are hidden from us in captivity. Reminds those in captivity, That the light from the Candle will travel across to them And… Read more »

3 Nov 2008 4.45am

All our best to all bravehearts in Seremban from New Zealand. You are the leading light in the face of persecution under the ISA.
Your small step is a BIG STEP forward for a Real Democracy Change in Malaysia …..History will record you with admiration.
Our prayers and thoughts are with all held under ISA !REFORMASI

Dalbinder Singh Gill
Dalbinder Singh Gill
2 Nov 2008 12.00pm


is a candlelight vigil of a certain religion?

Dear Dalbinder,
Not that I am aware of..

2 Nov 2008 7.48am

Congrats on the Seremban vigil.

Regarding RPK’s back, there are those very light rolled-up plastic foam mattresses for camping – usually in blue and about an inch thick. Maybe the authorities will allow that. Failing that, try stacking pieces of cardboard.

2 Nov 2008 5.10am

🙂 Waaahhaayyyyyyyyyy to go you brave caring Serembanites! Three cheers to you all for standing up all together tonight to Light up Malaysia and banish away darkness and the very pointlessly yuk, yuk and evil ISA! So BRAVO Seremban! For standing up to free RPK, Uthayakumar and all other ISA detainees and to tell the bad-mannered … SHA and the very yukky UMNO-led BN government to push off and to be afraid of the Rakyat from now on instead. So hear this now you …. pointless waste-of-money Home Minister called SHA and also all you in the incompetent and unaccountable… Read more »

2 Nov 2008 12.41am

WOW!. Even sleepy hollow Seremban is now active politically.

I would like to make a comparison with what I see here with Obama ground root organisation, for the election campaign. The committed volunteer organizations, each one set up at ground root level but electronically linked via Facebook, email, blogs etc.

I see the same thing happening in Malaysia. This is a powerful thing. This form of ground root organic movement can only be possible with the modern technology. No oppressive force can overcome this.

Good work.

1 Nov 2008 9.46pm

Rakyat@work and Anil….thanks for this post and the excellent coverage.

Adam & The Ants
Adam & The Ants
1 Nov 2008 7.21pm

Dataran Seremban Park – a beautiful, Wide open space, clean, well maintained, HAVE YOU GUYS EVER VENTURED INTO SEREMBAN CITY