Over 300 gather in PJ calling for end to ISA


Once again, a crowd gathered in PJ to call for the repeal of the ISA (Photo by Rakyat@Work)

Bebaskan RPK! Mansuhkan ISA! (Photo by Rakyat@Work)

Shackled by the ISA: Over in Penang, the Abolish ISA Movement (GMI) held a commemoration of the 21st anniversary of Operation Lalang outside Prangin Mall with live bands, an ISA exhibition and talks (Photo by Mustafa K Anuar. More pics here and here.)

Blog reader kereem sums up the PJ event like this:

Great night! Great sing-a-long too! What an atmosphere… loved it! Felt so safe last week that I brought my daughter and wife along. Hope we will fill up the padang in no time

Rakyat@Work reports for anilnetto.com from Petaling Jaya:

2115: The rain pelts down now; more cars are honking and they are met with more cheers of approval from the crowd. Time to go back. People start leaving…. Well, another night is over.

My mate and I head towards our car, walking silenty and quietly, satisfed with the night. Our thoughts are with RPK, just hoping he was with us. I wonder what he is doing right this moment. We still need to pray hard and to continue until RPK and all the other ISA detainees are set free. That’s our target and that’s our mission… That’s the minimum standard we’re talking about, the new nation and the new rakyat! Good Night and God Bless All.

2045: By this time, it has started to drizzle – but who cares. Marina has arrived, and she utters a few words of encouragement and gratitude to all the rakyat for their loving support. She adds that RPK will know about what we have been doing. Greeting cards are piling up but the authourities have been limiting RPK to only a few. After that, more handshake for new well wishers.

Well known bloggers then take turns to update us with what’s happening with RPK’s case and many other initiatives the rakyat can support. But the night has to belong to these words that we chant:

“Bebaskan!” cries a solitary voice.

“RPK!” the crowd of over 300 responds.

“Mansuhkan!” rings out the solitary voice.

“ISA!!!” the crowd roars back.

Repeated in random order, 20x.

The night ends with the release of all the balloons. Yes… fly free, RPK!

2030: Without a proper programme, you never know what to expect next; you just move along and somehow everything will be all right. Our action blogger gets it going: All right, gather round people, let me introduce you tonight, our dear (singer and guitarist ) is gonna sing us some nice songs. If you know the lyrics, just sing along. (Sing it loud enough to the heavens so that RPK can hear us through his spirit: I added quietly in my heart.) And so it began.

I understand the blogger will published the lyrics to this song in his blog; he agrees to do that. Trust me, the words and melody are so… touching and appropriate. Sorry you have to wait to hear it but I know very soon it’s gonna be a hit.

I phone Anil when we all sang ‘Imagine”; my hair stands on end, not because its lousy but it’s so touching when you hear the crowd all sing together. Sometimes, tears can come in many ways; this is surely one of those. The musicians belt out a couple other songs, in Mandarin, and Malay too. Rasa Sayang? La-bamba? Great.

And when it comes to “Blowing In the wind”… During chorus… my words just refuse to come out cos I’m choked with emotion. Oh dear, whats going on? Take a deep breath and sing out loud!!! “The answer my friend is blowing in the wind, the answer is blowing in the wind….” More cheering and clapping, it’s the moment…

2015: People just coming in groups and families. Someone has already spelled the words with candles “NO 2 ISA FREE RPK”. People are mixing in small groups and camera begin flashing.

Met two guys with guitars and a great blogger who cordinated their chorus for us later on. I took some pics of the lyrics and the blogger reminds me that it is copyrighted and that I should mention their ownership, to which I readily agree. As I’m very careful and respect names, I rather not mention cos I may mispell and that could be embarassing. Anyway, other blogs will identify who they are, okay?

All right! Music in the air, balloons evrywhere – can you imagine that, folks? Wish you all were here. Again, as one would expect, the crowds are swelling now. It’s definitely more than last week’s…  I move on like a real ‘pro-journalist’ taking pictures, occasionally stopping to talk to (strangers?) my extended family. Man, it’s fun! Brought with me another digital camera tonight alongside a camcorder; this should make me look like a real pro, ya?

2000: Small crowds of people were there much earlier though we arrive at about 8.00pm. The first thing we see are some beautiful coloured ballons. Great! I suppose this is a symbol to set RPK free as well, says my partner whom I got acquainted with during RPK’s court case.

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21 Oct 2008 10.55am

RPK my brader you not alone babe! we all malaysians who are fed up of the goonies who run this country are with you. No more babe , No more more. We are not going to let the goof balls from one dominant party run this country helter skelter. How many of us can Syed “kojak” Albar, the … of kamunting lock us up.

21 Oct 2008 1.35am

Dear najib, or if you are najib, threaten all you want but the people is with the people. Many are scared but many more are not and the crowd is coming out to end your (political) days.

if i am najib
if i am najib
20 Oct 2008 2.30pm

wait until i hav firm grasp of power. then i weed out u guys again cos thats wat the highly dignified Tun did. & where do u expect all these vigil will get u anyway?

har har har har. meanwhile, vigil all u like. u nvr seem to make any progress on taking away my ISA! ur days are numbered..

20 Oct 2008 12.59pm

i was at the penang’s 21st anniversary of operation lalang event too and had had also blog on it with pictures. the organisers did a very good job. (same organisers as the friday weekly vigil, plus AI).

hope that GMI will continue organise further activities to keep the momentum of the call for the abolishment of ISA going.

The Whisperer
20 Oct 2008 12.12pm

Good report, Rakyat@Work…

I couldn’t make it on time due to commitment and you really sums it all up very well. Can feel the euphoria reading it.

This Passion can only make more ground. I believe it will be bigger come next Sunday.

Thank you, my friend.

20 Oct 2008 11.06am

yesterday night was like carnival, ballons and singers plus the crowd, it’s raining throughout KL, but the crowd was even bigger than last week. Marina also said of doing this nationwide, starting with Penang on Friday, then Ipoh (Saturday) and KL (Sunday), more venues will be added soon. Hope more people will be able to join soon.

20 Oct 2008 10.02am

Keep it up! U nver walk alone.

20 Oct 2008 7.46am

To all who were there we salute you- as you are laying the foundation for the future generation to live not in fear of senseless arrests by those in position of power (usually the Crooked )but to live with human dignity and the respect of human rights. Our thoughts from abroad to the loved ones,family & to all those prisoners of conscience esp. Raja Petra,Hindraf,Pas & others. God bless each & everyone of you Brave Pioneering Malaysians.(Not those who perform publicity acts /stunts at taxpayers expense to gain awards & get into some fake world record book -biggest this,longest that,strolling… Read more »

anna brella
anna brella
20 Oct 2008 6.09am

“True peace is not merely the absence of tension; it is the presence of justice.” Martin Luther King

So BRAVO! and THANK YOU to all you aaBM TYGERS who are pitching into this good fight to bring justice back for ALL in Malaysia.

God bless and keep you all safe.

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon

20 Oct 2008 4.07am

Give ear to our prayer,O God;
and hide not thyself from our supplication !

Let’s Pray for “Peace From Above” to touch the whole Nation.
Let’s Fast and Pray for Wisdom, Peace and Tranquility to prevail.

Let’s remember to Pray for RPK and all ISA detainees.

RELEASE RPK, and all ISA detainees. ABOLISH ISA NOW!

My salute to all Peacemakers.

20 Oct 2008 3.58am


20 Oct 2008 2.31am

Melvin, they were there. Its just that you didn’t notice. Next time look out for the faces that looks more like … than policemen. 🙂

20 Oct 2008 2.18am

The numbers there were doubled than last week. This time there was no SB people there. Also present at the vigil was the MP Gwo Burne. I’m bit curious of why SBs were not there though. Balloons were also released to mark this occasion. You may want to visit my post for some pics or so.

20 Oct 2008 1.49am

great night!
great singalong too! what an atmosphere.. loved it! felt so safe last week that i brought my daughter n wife along. hope we will fill up the padang in no time

20 Oct 2008 1.27am

We walk with all our brothers locked up unjustly under ISA.

Anti-ISA Candle-light Vigil held in PJ on Sunday, 19th October, 8pm — Photos, Video & Downloads: