Busking for local democracy in Penang


Buskers gathered yesterday evening at the junction of Chulia Street and Penang Road in support of local democracy in Penang.

A host of events has been lined up for the two-month Local Democracy Festival which lasts two months until 14 October 2012. It is the third such civil society commemoration. The Penang state government is reportedly sponsoring RM15000 to help cover costs.

Over in Ipoh … not much local democracy there.

An activist reports:

A group of civil society members in Ipoh recently carried out a survey of the Majlis Bandaran Ipoh (MBI) councillors. The survey questionaire was similar to the one carried out in Penang in January this year.

It is regrettable that all the 23 Ipoh councillors decided not to answer the survey. Apparently, the reason is that they are answerable only to their political parties and not the ratepayers.

In contrast, the survey carried out in Penang had the full support from YB Chow and the YDPs of both MPPP and MPSP. Participation from both local councils was nearly 100 per cent.

So you see why we need local government elections?

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Looks like Gerakan K (& possibly tunglang?) will move into the BN’s low cost housing in Taman Manggis soon?

Anil could use the contact to get one unit for retirement living, in the middle of Georgetown!


Erwin, please do me a favor:
get me a low cost housing application for Taman Manggis with approval kangtau 100%.
Now I am in the mood to get a 2nd home at low low cost the one you just suggested. Can or not?
BTW, I personally know Teng Chang Yeow but I am not the kangtau beggarman, so I need your smart alec to make your suggestion come to reality for all to see!!!

Lord Jim

Teng CY looks decent but remember still water runs deep & beware of his smiles; so i trust his brother Speaker Teng more who is more direct and straight to the point with no hidden agenda.


With due respect to Mr Teng Chang Yeow, to me he is a businessman who keeps his words. Business can or cannot, he will tell you on the spot.
I am no politician but a professional who deals in dollars & cents & strategic marketing.
Neither am I a face reader or worst, an agak-agak mind-probing reader of guess-work in a maze.
Cheers Kopi-O kau kau, Lord Jim.


tunglang be careful with busine$$men who has political aspiration and vice versa. i think that was the message from Jim.


Clint Eastwood said the same thing recently. Even the President of USA is just an employee of the people, he said, beckoning to an empty chair in his inimitable rambling way. Go watch him on Youtube. It will make your day, as it did mine.

Batu Ferringhian

I am for local government elections but the issue here is enforcement. What good will it be if there is no co-operation from the PDRM or other bodies under federal government to help implement and enforce existing laws?

I’m all for change and creating a better Malaysia for our future generation but we need a guarantee that our votes will not go to waste. It seems normal these days to hear councillers and officials from the MPPP say…if you want something done, you have to wait for elections.


I think the issue is that the Federal govt and EC do not want to give consent to the local election


No matter how much you me or anyone complain, the chances of federal agencies (including the police) co-operating with the state govt (from a diff party) is close to zero. The state and MPPP particularly must realise that and learn to do certain things by themselves. Of course we don’t expect them to catch murderers, rapists, robbers or mat rempit, but certain enforcement work can definitely be done. Give for example hawkers and stall owners who misuse pedestrian walkways, cars parked onto sidewalks or no parking zones. These do not require police action to begin with. There are also things… Read more »


If because of non cooperation from the EC, the 3rd vote is not possible, Penangites will understand and definitely will not fault the state govt. After all they did try. If they can’t have the 3rd vote, at the very least appoint the right ppl for the right job. The state govt must seriously consider appointments carefully especially those of the local councils. Their efficiency is directly felt and seen by all citizens every day. It is in fact the most important dept in the state. Another thing is that there is not much point in comparing Pg to other… Read more »


The 23 Majlis Bandaran Ipoh(MBI) Councillors are bunch of no brainers!

Let me remind them that whatever gaji/allowances they get as “MBI Councillors” are from Ipoh tax-payers.
They are answerable and responsible to Ipoh tax-payers 1st, then their political masters, 2nd!

Is it too much for us to ask for their co-operation to participate in a simple ‘survey questionaire’ pertaining to Ipoh City?

Let me share with everyone here, an old Chinese saying: “People(Rakyat) are like water, they can overturn and sink your ship, if you are not careful!”

Think the 23 can understand this?


Well answering a survey does not make the councillors in Penang more democratic in nature or impartial in their work. Almost all of the councillors are appointed by the state and are politicians, except a few from the NGOs. The others are merely politicians from DAP PKR or PAS and like those from BN, they are required to toe the party line which is not at all in line with democracy. Even the president of the council is appointed by the state govt and is a civil servant. Why have a municipal council then, why not just set up a… Read more »


Basic duty of a local councilor is not taking care of broken infrastructures. This is supposed to be the job of some salaried MPPP officers who are full time civil servants. The MPs are legislators of federal laws. The ADUNS are legislators of state laws. The MPPP councilors are, similarly, legislators of MPPP laws. They also approve the budget and may check on the spending of the government, including investigation into irregularities of spending and management, through select committees. Unfortunately in this country, too much power is placed in the hands of the executive in Putra Jaya. To the extent… Read more »


Wira, it may not be their job to maintain infrastructure and council property but if you were a councillor and u see something blatantly wrong how can you turn a blind eye to it? That is what they all do. Pretend to be blind.

Abu abu abu

Sorry don’t understand your meaning. Can you please describe more. Why we need local government elections?