Bloggers launch “Penangites for Trams” campaign


Today, several Penang-based bloggers and websites simultaneously launched a “Penangites for Trams” campaign.

bloggersWe hope more bloggers and webmasters – especially all those who care for Penang – will join in the campaign by placing these graphics on their blogs or websites. You may link the graphic to the URL for this post or choose to link to any other article or post about trams. Leave a comment here and you will then be added to the list below of blogs/websites supporting the campaign.

This will help to raise awareness of the viability of trams. Of course, trams work best as part of an integrated public transport system, complementing an efficient and extensive network of buses and other forms of eco-friendly transport.

The latest issue of business weekly The Edge carries a full-page article in support of the re-introduction of trams in Penang.

But one major caveat: Any proposal to bring back trams must be based on the soundest financial feasibility study, with room for possible cost overruns provided. The over-riding concern is that the project should not be a drain on public resources.

So far, these are the bloggers and websites that support the re-introduction of trams in Penang:penang trams

  1. Mustafa K Anuar
  2. Susan Loone
  3. Mucked in a Jam
  4. Penang Watch
  5. Kris Khaira
  6. Surind
  7. Anything Goes
  8. LAH-mour
  9. No Kacau and Don’t Kacau
  10. Stephen Doss
  11. Contemporary Malaysia
  12. Black and White (Justin Choo)
  13. The Kuala Lumpur Traveller
  14. Forest Explorers
  15. Apprize
  16. News for Malaysians
  17. Wartawan Rasmi Laman Reformasi
  18. DanielYKL
  19. Lucia Lai
  20. I am a Malaysian
  21. Carol and Jeffrey’s Big View of the World
  22. Lestari Heritage Network
  23. Motivation in Motion
  24. World Messenger
  25. Brand Bounce
  26. Sources of Life
  27. Maaran Matters
  28. Messy Christian
  29. Sivin Kit’s Garden
  30. u-jean
  31. Fair is what fair wants
  33. Sally Knits
  34. Accidental Blogger
  35. The Freak
  36. The Stray World
  37. Rainstormz
  38. The Dreamkid Lair
  39. pbsiew
  40. Binding Love
  41. Everything under the Malaysian Sun
  42. Strategic Analysis and Thoughts
  43. Justice4otk
  44. Ecowarriorz
  45. Teohyj
  46. prashant’s trashpan
Please help to support this blog if you can.

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Apart from the rustic charm it brings, it’ll add to the other option of our Rapid Penang buses. Students especially, I notice travel with the bus service alot, the non Malaysian’s do also use the bus service but it shouldnt’s public transport, remember. 🙂 adding the tram service would be a great touch…if its feasible that is, you’ve my support anyway.


I really think it would also be a local tourist attraction as tghe new generation have not exepreince being on trams anywhere else in the country.Rm4million not much!!!


The tram system will cramp even more the road traffic flow which is now bad in Penang.

The state should actually go for submway or monorail, skybus.. then the whole idea to ease the traffic willbe overcome…

Think logically


I’m from penang n i would love to see tram in penang.
currently i study in Europe, as i see it here, most of the big cities have a complete and advance transport system that build up from the connection network between the tram, subway, buses and railway. So take the first step towards a better transport system and phase out the private vehicle. ^_^

Weng Keong

Tram is cheaper but the maintenance is higher. Monorail is more suitable for Penang. 😀

julia azim

i love tram…i cant wait them to reintroduce it again!! it is a very nostalgic move and also a very good move, it is i guess a lot cheaper than modern monorail.!


I am indeed for tram…yahoooo…..
I understand the Melaka Tram is running on NGV so it is definitely environmental friendly…. so must introduce the same in Penang.
It is not going to be like the ones in Hong Kong or Europe with electric cables.
Well done PENANG “George Town the Heritage City”. Please bring back the tram.


I 100% support the Trams, no doubt! This idea is good for the local and the tourist too, Penang has not much things for sight seeing, when my UK friends visited Penang, we noticed many historical buildings (British colony)disappeared. so dissapointed when we went up Penang Hill, nothing to see, the Canopy Walk closed on the day we went. Only the beaches left but most of the beaches were own by the Hotels, we can’t sit on the deck chair to enjoy the view. I can say soon or later Penang will consider a ‘DEAD’ town, I hope with the… Read more »


Count me in for bringing back the Trams ! It is good for the people and the state so why the delay.

Ric Francis

I think you may be missing the point Discussion was that the trams around Georgetown would be a low fee of about RM 1 or free. If advertising would except the operating costs


I am 100% supportive of the tram.

Dynamic Penangite

anil, tram will be awesome, but if it is going to be expensive, no one would bother using it except for the tourists. In UK, people can use tram because they are not concerned about the weather. Imagine the heat in Malaysia and are you sure many would make use of tram. I would support this idea, provided the charges is not too expensive. should be cheap. in fact cheaper than taking a cab or even driving. else, it would be a total waste!

Tony Tan

Bringing back the tram is really a splendid idea, hope this works out. I think this tram thing will definitely materiasised, just a matter of time, i say.


While trams are good, and I am all for trams, I think trams in Penang will do more harm than good. Unlike Melbourne, the roads in Penang are relatively narrow. If you were to add a 2-way tram tracks in the middle of the road (or even 1), this would cause a massive jam. I understand that cars can move into the tram tracks when there are no trams operating, but think of it. What if a tram were to stop to pick up and drop off in the middle of the road? Will: 1) The road users actually stop… Read more »

Ric Francis

It was I who put a plan of a system that would work in Heritage Area ,feeding bus service on outer city area. The State Government is still concidering the system
Ric Francis Engineer Retired

Justice for Men

The tram was there when the British was in Malaya. Who was the rascals who removed it those days? Why HK still keeps it till now…and is still very well liked and costs only a pittens…This show we have moron-quality decision makers.


Yes, yes, yes.
Penang is full of motorists that are suicidal…
It’s good for Penang.
May help to change the image of the third world mentality. Hey I am from Penang lah.

Chua Tian

no no no… it cant be done… the island is inhabitted by third world people… the idea if implemented will be rendered useless.. just on the first week of implementation..the island is dirty.. uncivic citizens.. and uncivic motorist

Mary Maguire

A brilliant initiative which will have a positive impact on the environment and the people. I fully support it and hope it spreads to other cities.


Any type of transportation that will reduce the carbon foot print of the method existingly deployed should be strongly encouraged considering we are a growing population – 6 billion and climbing. I support clean and efficient public transport. However I don’t think that will be enough to resolve the traffic problem. The state government still needs to do a better job at this especially the many lanes to a sudden bottleneck issue. With the state trying to attract more foreign investor to fill up the high rise, traffic will be becoming worse if not addressed. In this matter, we can… Read more »


I am supporting this noble cause of re-introduction of Trams usage back to Penang . I have made a link to your article . Its done .

You can view it here :




Me and my fellow Penangites support the reintroduction of trams back into Penang . Yes I think we would like to have it here to compliment Penang as a Heritage city .

Request to reproduce this article in my blog Justice for Ong Tee Keat


I used to stay in Penang in the early 1990s when Yellow Buses ply GT and BP. Those were the days when I thought that the service could be better.I’m staying in KL now. When I visited Penang after 10 years, the traffic situation is worse especially when there’s less communication between the policy maker and the public. Getting anywhere by taxis means I have to fork out hundreds per day. Just wish that the government will be more proactive in providing better choice for Penangites. Giv ’em trams just like the KL people have LRT. Looking for another 10… Read more »

khang hung tan

learn from hongkong, protect mother earth, use trams


in order for our public transport to improve, all our politicians should used public transport.

in Penang, we have roads fr 2 4 lanes narrowing to 1.5 lanes. i suppose we all are good drivers :)) it takes a lot of effort to make things happens & people hv to make way for development. otherwise, it will be just as what LKY hd commented during his visit …