Blogger Power drives Penangites for Trams Campaign


The campaign to bring back the trams to Penang is picking up momentum as more bloggers join in the action.

So far 22 bloggers have joined in the campaign. That’s brilliant! Click here to see the full list. If you are a blogger and you want to join in the campaign, just add one of the campaign icons to your blog and leave a comment here, and you will be added to the list.

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Please help to support this blog if you can.

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eddie chuah
eddie chuah
19 Feb 2010 12.44pm

am borned and bred in Pg…
had always talked to my friends 5 -10 years ago that
the tram system is the only way to ease traffic congestion and unruly driving by others buses and cars…
they just chuck along in line,…
and on time…and cleaner…(electric)
Just put them back…
San Francisco style…

talking tongues
talking tongues
1 Jun 2008 4.55pm

Anil, I am not a penangite but I love visiting Penang. It would have been much better if the traffic is not so congested.

I applaud your moves and effort in trying to bring back the tram to the island. Just a thought, it may not be a bad idea to organise a walk to raise the public and state government awareness on this subject?

1 Jun 2008 3.22pm

Good Job, Mr.Anil, I will update your new URL to my post.

We feel proud of your blog, as Malaysians.

With respect,

1 Jun 2008 10.02am

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1 Jun 2008 9.41am

Hi, Anil,

You have changed your page layout. It looks better now. I like this appearance.

And I noticed you have added in ads. It is really easier for us to find the related topics that we want. Thanks for sharing your information.

With respect,

J Choo
1 Jun 2008 9.35am


I thought you are giving up on the idea. Also noticed that you have removed the older photo. Unknowingly, I had also removed it before I noticed yours.

What about trolley buses? I think this is more practical and more viable, without having to lay new tracks which are quite dangerous for the many motor-bikes in Penang.