‘Bersihkan Malaysia’ group at CHOGM protest rally in Perth


A ‘Bersihkan Malaysia’ group participated in a rally on Friday in Perth in conjunction with the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in the Western Australian city.

The demonstration in support of electoral reforms in Malaysia took place at Forrest Place in the Perth Central Business District and was part of the larger CHOGM Action Network rally.

Activists from the network have also held an ‘Occupy Perth’ gathering, reports AAP.

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Lok Ming Xian
Lok Ming Xian
31 Oct 2011 5.20pm

These people should come back to vote BN out of office.
Otherwise, they can continue to waste time holding protest all over the world for the next 5 years.

1 Nov 2011 1.17pm
Reply to  Lok Ming Xian

so you asking all Malaysian abroad to go back to Vote? u think all Malaysian overseas are rich? can afford to buy ticket? obviously you dont understand the situation, the EC regulation doesnt allow Malaysian overseas to vote unless you are civil servant and student, which is againts the BASIC fundamental right. All Malaysian are entitle with the right to vote no matter where they are. Those activist at Perth has show high spirit to motivate Malaysian back home and Malaysian abroad to step up and do something, press for electoral reform, and you just simply comment and ask them… Read more »

31 Oct 2011 12.21pm
1 Nov 2011 10.35am
Reply to  Yang


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