Bersih lands in Sarawak!


Wong Chin Huat of the Bersih civil society coalition pushing for electoral reforms may have been denied entry into Sarawak, but today, another Bersih leader entered the state.

Enter Bersih: Kin Woon upon stepping out of Kuching Airport just after noon today

Bersih steering committee member Toh Kin Woon arrived in Kuching this morning. I bumped into him before and after the flight to Kuching.

“I am very happy with what I am doing now,” he shared. “I feel like I am really serving the people now. Not that I wasn’t before, but this (civil society work) is more meaningful.”

He told me there are a couple of other groups already in the state monitoring the elections, notably Updates from the Ground undertaken by social communications NGO Komas and observer reports by the Malaysian Election Observers Network.

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gerakan k

cut-cuti disneyland on govt tabs,ok?

Ahmad Sobri

I cannot undertand why EC would deny Bersih?

EC could be up to something.

Kerie Leong

The fact that Bersih is denied entry to Sarawak has made me lost my confidence on EC for a fair election.

Gerakan K

What can they do actually ??? Cuti-cuti Malaysia @ Sarawak ???

Penang Voter

You must be a moron not knowing how BN can be ‘world class’ cheaters !!!!

Andrew I

No lah. Cuti-cuti Malaysia in Kelantan. This one kerja-kerja Malaysia.