Bersih 3.0 turnout, crackdown resets Malaysian politics


This is an article I completed today for Asia Times Online.

The BN finds itself on the political defensive after police personnel cracked down on a largely peaceful 28 April protest held in Kuala Lumpur calling for electoral reforms.

The large popular turnout and government’s perceived mishandling of the rally will likely push back general elections, earlier expected to be called by June, as Prime Minister Najib Razak’s government deals with the fallout.

Reports and images of demonstrators being assaulted by police have been circulated, raising the hackles of international rights groups about the excessive use of force. The country’s Bar Council has condemned the violence against unarmed demonstrators while media freedom groups have expressed their concerns about the targeting of journalists who attempted to document scenes of police brutality. Full article on Asia Times Online

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Pala Richie

It could be more than politics, hope it overspill into the media too. Other than human right, the media is amongst the most vulnerable to political bully. From the BAR side we have many lawyer with courage stand for what’s right, still waiting for Ambiga from the media side. The media has downed spiral from gov. censoring to self-censoring to last saturday’s violence against media workers. Last Saturday, we celebrated the courage of good men, men with conscience walks for clear message ‘evil must not triumph’. So, our learned media friends, we look upon you to be counted among these… Read more »

Richie Hee

Good idea. not sure if this Media Bersih thing is in the ‘bucket list’ of Anil. But surely he can count on his supporters like tunglang, rilakkuma, yang, andrew, pala richie, tuakee etc to support him.

To start it off, we should all boycott The Star & NST.


Anil, start Media Bersih.
You got my support kau kau kau!
Make Malaysia media landscape clear, fearless & un-bias.
Let the power of the pen, camera & video bring forth the flow of the mighty river of truth.
Do you know hyenas are camera shy when they go on the rampage? Don’t need to experience it in Africa, we have them here in Boleh Land.
Next spin-offs could be Hati Bersih!, Projek Bersih!, Lawan Bersih! Makamah Bersih!, Undi Bersih!
GK, what’s yours? Kedai Runcit Bersih?

Andrew I

Did I hear someone mention my name? Well, I don’t boycott the Star. I just don’t go into headlines when certain personalities open their trap for fear of being hit by that thing that normally hits the fan.

It’s free anyway. I’m learning Gherkin’s penchant for free things.

Richie Hee

Plenty of video evidence of police’s brutality on Bersih 3.0:


Bersih 3.0 – Police Brutality

Bersih 3.0 witnesses: ‘Overturn police car to save life’

As usual, PDRM will soon release its own version as defence.
But we know the true picture.


Same modus operandi: Corner one hapless guy, verbally abuse him, manhandle him, push him to the ground, then start kicking like all hell’s break loose in the minds of these coward attackers who join in like a free for all. Question is: What warrant such an insane & cowardly many-against-one attack if he’s unarmed & poses no threat to anyone? To create fear? To ‘hit’ back? To ‘do somebody’s bidding’ – ini hanya kerja dibawah peritah? Is this insanity what Pulapol’s been training our men in blue? Why not try it in Chow Kit Road or Jalan Alor or Kelantan… Read more »


Tung Lung,
Worse still is the police pointing his gun at an unarmed protester