Bersih 2.0: Towards clean and fair elections


Bersih 2.0 was another step in our journey to reclaim our land and restore integrity in our electoral process.

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William Eethiah

Dear All I saw this morning the news says that:- A Minister been awarded RM300K and he was very happy saying that:- “It is great day; it truly reflects our confidence in our judiciary. It also rings a bell for those who constantly write about others in blogs or columns, (to) respect the rights of others.” What a great surprise, the judiciary is very free to hear his case and finished within a year. But what about other cases are still pending are they going to hear soon as what they have granted a hearing for the Minister! “Student in… Read more »


Whatever it is about this bersih gathering…is not going to benefit me and my family…but when I read about it…it tiggers me and I can still remember when Tun Mahathir was handling our country..he had a long business plan for the rakyat…only god knows and Tun himself knows that he could no longer ……vry dissapointed with certain human greediness …that he tried to educate but he failed to do so…I can say again…Tun is one business minded and forecasting for next business ventures he will see to it that the rakyat will benefit from it…definetly he cant control all of… Read more »

Eng Hock

Latest u may want to add on housing projects in land scarce & super expensive Penang properties :

Ivory Properties Group Bhd is believed to have won the right to develop over 40ha of land at Bayan Mutiara on Penang Island.

Read more: Ivory lands Bayan Mutiara


Barang Naik folks are awakened by Bersih because PM quickly called for Sunday gathering to show his waning support (typical BN attendance whereby goodies are served so why not whilethe dwindling resources are there to grab?) while spin doctors (Msia “Corporate” barang naik elites) put up ads on RTM/TV3/TV9/Astro calling Najib Bapa Transformasi !

Bapa Transformasi because minda kampung telah mula di transform dan di bersihkan daripada ideologi “racial divide & rule” barang naik syndrome BTN brainwashing lebih lebih lagi semua yang tak sehaluan dengan barang naik adalah infidels & komunis ???

Rejab Relau

That’s the reason why BN is (depriving) rural folks the understanding of alternative media in English language so that they will continue to tune to the propaganda of Utusan, RTM, TV3, Astro Awani … !


I wonder SPR will make any sense out the below link.


Here’s my newly adopted Mother of Malaysian Liberty:

Madam Annie Ooi, your are our pride, our Mother of Malaysian Liberty 709.
Your sacrifice, principle and bravery speaks a lot.
You are the Saint Go Marching On 709.
May God bless you with “Longevity, Happiness & Prosperity”.

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi everyone, The mass media spinned that only around 6000 turned up for the BERSIH 2.0 rally, while the PM claimed that less than 10 000 were at the rally! Who are they trying to kid? If just 1 out of 30 were arrested, then out of about 1700 arrests would account for a turnout of more than 50 000 at the rally! Do your maths if 1 out of 40 or 1 out of 50 arrests was the case, then you can just imagine the actual numbers that turn up DESPITE the tremendous obstacles put up by the police… Read more »


Is this what you actually desired (in your Kotor heart) for the peace loving, righteous seeking Rakyat on 709?
The madness, the cruelty, the trigger happy delirium of PDRM?
The undeniable proof is here for all to see, not to hide, neither to warp it with Shiok sendiri (self-justifying) war cries of McCarthyism for scapegoats, Mr PM.

Now, who are the real Tipu (lying) cowards?


Bersih is just one movement. But umno garnered three movements (umno youth, perkasa and silat exponents) and three forces (police, fru and army) to counter the single bersih movement. Despite the severe city-wide lockdown and weels of intimidations and threats of arrest and unrest (which was proven yet again to be completely baseless) 50,000 or so rakyat (many came as family) showed up. And in the rain too. On the contrary, umno youth could only gathered 500 or so supporters and even then they did not have the drive nor the determination to move far at all. Perkasa people were… Read more »

Big Joe

After the spin that has gone on in the last 24 hours, the real issue is so what will be the real effect of Bersih 2.0. There are serious doubt about how big the effect electorally because the participants were young who tend not to vote and its possible a big percentage were urbanites who already are on PR side. I say the doubters are wrong because it underestimate the power of PR to campaign..The real problem as I see it is Najib destroyed his own personal political capital EVEN after Sat. First he broke his word to give stadium… Read more »


The so-called “Najib effect” is wanning, more so after Bersih, this is due to his own doing by “lip servicing” the rakyat to believe that real change is coming, but it’s all superficial. So now he is at it again going to the Pope, if one thing he must change now is his racist UMNO. najib is so desperate to win the catholic votes that he has decided to visit the pope, mind you in his summer house. the pope usually never receives guests or dignitaries in his summer house because that is a place where he retreats to write… Read more »

Andrew I

The left hand doesn’t care about the right hand…there’s an itch elsewhere.


Even though Najib and his servants continue to insist on racial hatred, we now know all races can march together and support one another. Malays and non-Malays alike are fed up of umno theft of our common resources, while ordinary people get gassed for protesting against crooked elections. Let’s get all our colleagues and families registered as voters. Hidup Rakyat!

semuanya OK kot

Which is why Dr. Jeyakumar, PSM and DAP are seen as “dangerous”. As more politicians focus on valid democratic issues rather than being diverted by baiting, bigotry will be “tak laku”, and that will be the beEND.