Ambiga, Samad emerge from questioning


1600: Ambiga and poet laureate A Samad Said have emerged after being questioned by police at Dang Wangi Police Station.

Photo credit: NashitaMN

A waiting crowd of reporters immediately surged forward and the Bersih reps staged an impromptu press conference in the middle of the road.

Earlier, lawyer N Surendran, who was representing Samad, tweeted that police had asked Samad if he intended to cause unrest in the country.

Samad was also asked how much he was paid to read his poem at the Bersih launch, said the lawyer, who added that the poet was being investigated under the Sedition Act and Police Act.

Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, also representing Samad, tweeted that both lawyers themselves were served with notices to attend questioning tomorrow.

Meanwhile, Ibrahim Ali is being investigated for sedition and was questioned for two hours, reported Malaysiakini.

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Richie Hee

Protestors are labelled as communists. Meantime, government spends tens of millions of ringgit on PM’s and DPM’s houses.


Seem like Polis (are not doing anything about) those who are stealing the wealth of our Nation.
We salute the brave men & women who are laying the foundation for free and fair elections and end to corruption,racism & injustice !

Penang Voter

I have T-Shirts of every revolutionary leader. Does that make me a ‘Communist’?

This OCPD …. Really stupid. Probably seeing Che Guevara with his beard and beret, makes him (upset)…

telur dua

It is intimidation and nothing else. If this is not a Police State I wonder what is.

Gerakan K

Bersih says will march on without permit (

What is the Home Ministry waiting for ???

Heart to heart talk with the Bersih chief ??? Or is it OK to use ISA ???


The most difficult part about this whole thing is listening the the trash that is being put out in public by UMNO/BN and the crazies. How do parents tell their children to study hard, work hard and be honest and good? Our children can point to these people and say all they need is be evil, suck up to the right people and talk trash..


Gerakan K, at least Anil earns his bread…what about you?…continue to be a low life… No wonder you embrace the Kotor jerks!


A complete dumb show of a perverted PDRM, programmed by Dr Frankenstein … badly programmed wannabe stormtroopers of the evil BN empire 🙂


Should Ambiga & Bersih 2.0 thanks Najib for the free publicity?

First they ignore you,
then they laugh at you,
then they fight you,
then you win.
— Mahatma Gandhi

I am quite surprise Najib speed up the whole process, it is obvious that BN are now fighting Bersih 2.0.

Gerakan K

Don’t twist. Now the police vs trouble makers. Why support trouble makers ???

telur dua

Wait till the Cops come after you.

Phua Kai Lit

Perkasa are not trouble-makers?


Our local mainstream media like TV (TV1,2,3 NTV7, 8TV, Astro) only give federal government point of view. If Bersih is so ‘kotor’ to create nuisance, then let the public also get the chance to listen to their viewpoints on TV so that we can make better judgement that Bersih is indeed a nuisance to peaceful Malaysia.

otherwise, people continue to seek alternative media like Anil’s to get more complete (if not perfect) picture.

Gerakan K

Welcome to the PRO PR propapanda site !!! Have you make a donation/buy him a cuppa ???


‘Have you make a donation/buy him a cuppa ??? ‘

Come on, can’t you at least try to take your punches above the belt? What we do with our money is none of your business.


His business just like UMNO is how to take…

Gerakan K

I demand justice !!!

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It looks like rilakkuma loves anil work and I suggest him/her to support anil.

Itu macam pun salah kah ??? Aiyoyo apa logik machai-machai pakai ???

I demand justice !!!

Andrew I

It’s nice to be appreciated…instead of being constantly put in the drawer, Gherkin. Why don’t you buy Anil a cuppa for every comment of yours that manages to continue seeing the light of day?


Duit Kopi. Nothing is free in the world. His case is to tide over the costs. But your gerakan… have to be exposed before serious harm. But you keep sneering … Grrr.


Since when can see opposition’s view on TV?

It will be interesting how the charges of causing unrest comes about.
What are the criteria to charge people under those Acts?

Andrew I

When bamboos flower.