Bersih 2.0 ‘Walk for Democracy’ launched


Images from the Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall tonight, where the civil society-led Bersih 2.0 Walk for Democracy on 9 July has been launched.

Photo credit: MediaRakyat

Image of the packed hall:

Photo credit Gan Pei Nei

Speakers revealed that global solidarity rallies will take place at noon (local time) from the Malaysian High Commission in UK and at 2.00pm (local time) at the National Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, Liberty Square, Taipei.

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Phua Kai Lit

Hi Mr Anil

DId you hear about the online poll on Bersih 2.0
set up by MCA-owned newspaper The Star ??

When the figures showed that 99% of poll respondents support
Bersih 2.0 and only 1% opposed, it disappeared quickly.

Another reason to vote AGAINST BN/UMNO/MCA/MIC/etc at the next General Election !


Decent folks walk for the right to have a decent environment to be able to live decent lives. BERSIH RALLY: Do indecent men have the right to impose their continued practice of indecencies with threat of bloodshed and violent repercussions? What a … farce!

Christine Yong

When BN supports this, I think BN will gain popularity from the Rakyat! I agree with Ambiga, BN should support….! BN rejection confuses the people as to WHY they reject demonstration for FAIR AND JUST ELECTION?


Charlie Oscar,
” What a Joke, ha…ha…ha…..!!!
Happy Father’s Day!!!

I m very glad u are laughing, cos my fren U are joke n the jokes on U…hehehehehehehehe


I simply cannot understand why BN is opposing this peacful gathering that upholds justice and democracy.


opposite of Bersih is Kotor.

so if anti Bersih, means you sokong Kotor !


Support Bersih 2 at all cost. We must not be threatened by Perkasa Ibrahim who have been spewing racial sentiment and threatening us of the 1969 riot. The silence of Najib and UMNO show that they are willing to go to any extend to win this election. Remember what Najib said earlier


UMNO and the Police have outsourced their … duties to Perkasa(?)
Ibrahim Ali is shouting like a man possessed. First he threatened a crusade against Christians and now (he addresses) the Chinese.
He is even telling the police what to do. Looks like he has been the given the licence…

Gerakan K

Want to bet ??? Most of the participants in Bersih 2.0 are confused Malays and Chinese will chicken out !!!


Yes Gerakan K, you are right. Indian and Chinese like you from MCA, Gerakan & MIC will chicken out. This is just a rally asking for fairness in the election. Why do all of you chicken out. Is it because MIC, MCA, Gerakan and UMNO including you do not want fair election. Anyway what can we expect from a wannabe…. Perkasa is threatening the Chinese and thats you…


You are a pickled cucumber.


I think she meant that it will start at 2.00pm in Sydney, 12pm here, but it would mean like later 8am in the morning in UK..

Charlie Oscar

You mean to say that there is No Democracy in Malaysia???
If there is No Democracy in Malaysia, how did Pembangkang Rakyat (PR) deny the BN 2/3 Majority in 308???
You mean to say that Only IF PR win, it is call Democracy???
What a Joke, ha…ha…ha…..!!!
Happy Father’s Day!!!


All stable and true democracies & Good Government from Washington ,London,Paris,Belgium,Holland to Pacific Australia,New Zealand did not come on a plate-people have to make sacrifices to make it work.
Least we can do is join in the march and support for clean fair elections Not cheating through postal votes and illegal immigrants votes.


True Malaysians…”Put your money where your mouth is” come out in full force!…support this Bersih rally 2.0 Let this day be remembered as a milestone for a clean and respectable, proud Malaysia. Let this be the beginning, the fall of this evil UMNO/BN empire.
They say, “All good things have to come to an end, equally, all bad things must also, come to an end…”


gerakan k,

your Ibrahim is spewing venom and fear of May 13.

goodness, grow up.

Bersih is for free and fair elections. Thats all. May the best man wins.

Good luck, BN and PR.


Gerkhin, you so trust and must believe in Kotak-Kosong Ibrahim, you better stock-pile full house of essentials to last you for a year. Otherwise,you curse that Kotak for his uttered inconvenience for your Kiasu life.


What do you expect from a wannabe

Gerakan K

Haha, I have no worry at all. For your info, I own 9 mini markets in Penang, KL, Selangor, Johor and also 2 in Singapore (this is JV with my friends in Singapore).

I got plenty of essentials. But anyway, Malaysia is always peaceful no matter Bersih 2.0 or whatever 🙂

I believe that Ibrahim actually is (allegedly) a mole from PAS.

Andrew I

Gherkin Khan, you should be crusading against the hypermarkets for taking away your business. I didn’t know mini markets were doing that well.

Gerakan K

My greatest competitors are not those hypermarkets but 99 and KK.

Ho Ho Ho

Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

💡 BERSIH 2.0 💡 for all MALAYSIANS n for all our future….fair n brighter future…..WALK for DEMOCRACY….YES YES YES 💡

Ho 💡 Ho 💡 Ho 💡

Phua Kai Lit

Popular democracy on the march in Malaysia !