Bersih 2.0: Checkmate?


This is something I wrote for Asia Times:

An air of nervousness has hung over Malaysia in sight of a potential confrontation between civil society organizers and pro-government opponents. A ”walk for democracy” planned for July 9 by a coalition of civil society groups known as Bersih 2.0 to campaign for clean and fair elections sparked a government crackdown reminiscent of the country’s old authoritarian ways.

Authorities pre-emptively declared the event illegal and have arrested as many as 200 Bersih supporters, many for simply wearing the coalition’s trademark yellow t-shirts. Police have questioned people speaking in public or distributing leaflets about the planned rally. They also turned up in numbers to thwart a nationwide Bersih roadshow to promote the event, which aims to attract hundreds of thousands of demonstrators. Full article on Asia Times website.

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Even during Mahathir’s authoritarian rule, it was not as bad as this.

In the many reformasi demonstrations, KL was never shut down. No one was arrested for wearing t-shirts or barred from entering KL.

Just show how desperate Najib and BN are today compared to the reformasi era.


The Middle-East uprising undoubtedly frightens him lah!

And what a good excuse to fly off on that ‘pre-arranged meet’ with the Pope, leaving his mess to idiots behind. Cowardly act, shame on YOU Najib! Go and don’t even bother to come back.


Najib has demonstrated to us that he is running from responsibility and accountability to seek refuge with the Pope, by relinguishing his authority to PDRM.


Yes looks like it – a walk for democracy for ‘clean and fair’ election has turned this ‘father of All rhetorics’ and his umno-led BN government into a nervious reck! Just shows how much dirt they have to hide.


Who is the real desperado, Bersih or Kotor?
One doesn’t have to play Kotor to declare himself clean, democratic and just.

Berish Mari

Najib should try think to be receptive to Bersih….
Not that any Malaysian thinks he can follow through on the demands!


We have a bunch of degenerates whose words mean nothing, running the country. They are not the solution for the long term prospect of the country. They are the problem.


Since PM and HM do not (seem to) respect YDP Agong… If they do not provide the stadium as agreed and are deliberately delaying and not responding, Bersih should not fall into their game plan but proceed with the original plan …. Good suggestion, Merdeka Square is the best alternative. No need to ask for permission. On anmother note, you cannot trust the UMNO politicians…. Now they are playing with Bersih, passing the ball around and try to make a fool of the Bersih organizers. There is always another day to confront these UMNO political!! Like M commented, the last… Read more »


Now you have seen it. Now you have heard it.
The half truth and true lies from none other than the highest in the land….


najib 1,,,bersih 0,,,,ambiga pls help pkr bersih kan their election.

Karisma Daud

UMNO was the first group to advocate and use demonstrations as a means to obtain their objectives. If demonstrations were good for them to overturn the Malayan Union, surely peaceful demonstrations must be good for the people of Malaysia to ask for a fair and clean election. Yet the pretend UMNO (the real UMNO was killed by this fake UMNO) has criminalized good governance and principles. The one and only true people’s opposition party – umno! The one and only party that opposes and fights and denies and oppresses people’s lawful rights and rightful expectations in all ways possible, not… Read more »


No thanks to the Draconian measures by PDRM to intimidate the public and discourage supporters of Bersih 2.0. These included roadblocks, arrests of members of the Parti Sosialis Malaysia on the ludicrous suspicion of trying to revive communism in the country, the detention of people wearing yellow shirts and the holding and questioning of opposition leaders and activists.

Shakirim Jusof

We all can see that BN/umno is trying all tricks in its desperate attempt to stop Bersih 2.0 with its mobilization of police resource.
… even …. silat fellows in … recent desperate move.
How despicable!


Tricks? Evil intention is more likely! Most disturbing and unbecoming … engaging Silat thugs to confront participants of peaceful Bersih rally! It was aired on ntv7 and the whole nation heard the ‘Silat master’ loud and clear! Yes “thugs” – no martial arts exponent be it from Karate, Taekwondo, Kungu or Silat in their right frame of mind will be that irresponsible to want to beat up unarmed person/s much so peaceful citizens of Malaysia coming together, calling for ‘transparency, clean and fair’ election! Najib has to go, he is evil, a trouble causer and not fit to be our… Read more »