Bersih 2.0 – A nation stirs


Some of the images from Bersih 2.0 will remain etched in our memories.

Over in the Tapak Expo in Seberang Jaya on mainland Penang last night, a crowd of 10000 turned up last night to listen to Penang state government and Bersih leaders, according to a tweet by Guan Eng. He added that Mat Sabu’s knee would be operated on this Friday. He injured his knee after he claimed police allegedly rammed a truck into the motorbike he was riding to get to the Bersih 2.0 protest on 9 July.

Earlier, Penang CPO Ayub Yaakob expressed hope that the state government’s scheduled programme would be held “dengan aman dan tidak beremosi“. See Berita Harian report “Polis pantau majlis DAP“.

But what Najib’s fiery ’emosi’ at Majlis Penerangan Perdana the previous night? Was that okay?

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Najib got yellow awakening in UK:

The Pope, like Queen Elizabeth II before, must wear yellow to show Jibbi that his 1Malaysia is a lie.


Najib & Co could not be seen to accept Bersih’s agenda. The reason is simply – they either already or will (need a lop-sided playing field) to win…. There is absolutely no reason for Najib to have made an offer then renegede on it…. In fact, as a memo (allegedly) from his office came out many days before, he had made up his mind long before the day and opportunity after opportunity to change his tact did not deter him from going ahead. Such dogged determined stubborness for a man who is largely PR-obssesed and do not commit publicly to… Read more »


Anil, our country is seriously sicked… how can the police be so cold blooded in attacking the peaceful rakyat… when I saw the scene that the handcuffed old man was having difficulty in breathing… how can the police reacting like tidak apa!! I practically in tears when I see this… Why the police acting like this???


That said it all. Even the UN has condemn PM Najib UMNO.

From Malaysia Insider

“““The United Nations has condemned Prime Minister Najib Razak’s crackdown on the Bersih 2.0 rally as “excessive”, expressing disppointment and “alarm” at the targeting of individuals in the run-up to the July 9 citizens march for free and fair elections.“““


I don’t suppose now would be a good time for Najib to ask to address the UN General Assembly? 🙂


Now we have the Sleeping Lah-Lah ex-PM trying to play public relation for BarangNaik Syndrome. The progenitor of Barang Naik Gila-Gila is trying the Saint Go Marching The Other Direction with his disdained Mr. Clean image but not actually ‘Bersih’ at all.
Kita orang bukan mudah lupa macam itu apanama!

Sudah Kotor, Tetap Kotor.

Andrew I

Emosi? Depends on who it is and what time it is.

No permit/no need


Najib is proving – yet again – that he is no statesman. Not now, not before, and in all likelihood, never ever. Resorting to narrow communal sentiments and thinly-veiled threats again. I was still young when he threatened (a certain ethnic group) at the TPCA Stadium in 1987. The local print media reported about it then (copies should still exist in various archives) and it was even featured on the Wikipedia page on him (since removed, but there are the archives, and the logs of who did what editing). So I am not surprised that the person who once mouthed… Read more »


I watched him on national tv, foaming from the mouth, fiery and displaying his teeth… or did he melatah(?) claiming to have the support of the ‘silent majority’?!! Poor fella, he’s so all alone now.

Looking at those around him, it was more pathetic – dumbfounded, but their body language betrayed them. Could they be suffering ear-aches? …but they gave him the claps though.


They were there glued down (forced) to their seats with Elephant Glue. Except their facial expressions (which betrayed their body language) couldn’t be contorted to smiley faces….

Andrew I

The “I’m dying to take a dump” kinda look?

Ong Eu Soon

It is OK for Najib to release his anger. Saw his face all red! A clear sign of heart problem….


Plenty of actions from these “RED GUARDS”…and what the hel were they doing to the innocent rakyats? Is be true Malaysian a crime.
UMNO PM and Hishammuddin, the kissing cousins, both of you are not fit to wear your fathers’ …! … no conscience and human decency….!


People may say its because of Anwar and Mat Sabu hometown that its that big but when Mat Sabu. Hadi Awang, Nik Aziz and Anwar go into villages brandishing the picture of Baharudin Ahmad, the crowds will come and be won over..

Najib need to change his strategy or what happened in KL will be repeated in villages all over the country and if he does not get it, they deserved what they get..


many of us wish to see the difference EMOSI speeches between Najib’s (Sunday gathering shown on mainstream TV) and that held at Tapak Expo Seberang Jaya (not on mainstream TV but probbly on youtube soon?) so we can make transformed judgement on cleaniness without bias.
somehow youtube likely to become mainstream media among the 3.9million yet to register young voters ???
Our neiighbour Indonesia is also watching and remind us of what democracy is about ???

Rejab Relau

The emosi of Najib is simply laughable as one that is getting desperate. Why got annoyed by a peaceful walk?

BN is still living in the 60’s and refuses to acknowledge the pictures and videos plastered all over the internet that show the brutality of the police. Hisham is like a clown wanting us to see only the ‘official BN’ photos that depict police providing free buffet. In the meantime, Liow TL claimed that the tear gas fired by the police changed direction because of the wind to hit the hospital. Ha Ha!