Are you participating in Penang Forum 5?


We have heard of the state government’s plan to turn Penang into an international city. Does this coincide with civil society’s vision of Penang as a liveable place? Come and join in the discussion.

You need to pre-register. Details at the bottom.

A Public Dialogue With The CM
“A Vision For An International Liveable City”

4 August 2012 (Saturday)
2.00 – 5.00pm

Bosch Hall, Pusat Penyayang/Caring Society Complex
(next to Penang Governor’s House)

Penang Forum, a coalition of Penang-based NGOs


2.00pm – Registration

2.20pm – Introductory Remarks by Chairman | Dato’ Dr Anwar Fazal

2.30pm – CM’s Vision For An International Liveable City | YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng

2.50pm – The People’s Reality | Dr Lim Mah Hui

3.10pm – Q & A with the Chief Minister

3.45pm – Issues of Planning and Policies that Determine the Quality of our Lives | Mr. Chau Loon Wai/Ar. Laurence Loh

4.15pm – Q & A

4.45pm – Plan of Action | Ms Lim Kah Cheng

5.00pm – Closing Remarks


– YAB Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng
– Dr Lim Mah Hui (MPPP Councillor)
– Mr Chau Loon Wai (Urban Planner)
– Ar Laurence Loh (Architect)

Chairperson: Dato’ Dr. Anwar Fazal, Think City Chairman

Free. All are welcomed.

Please pre-register with [email protected] or call 04-6585251 (closed on Sundays/Mondays) by 2.00pm, 31 July 2012 (Tuesday).

Please help to support this blog if you can.

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ong eu soon

If you are against hill slope development, come and wear red , have a rock and roll session with Lim Guan Eng on August 4,2012. Together we sing the following protest song, My future is just a dream. If you don’t know mandarin, just follow the phonetonic translation to sing the song. Let make an impact and cow the coward into submission. 你是不是像我在太阳下低头 Are you not like me bow my head under the sun Nǐ shì bùshì xiàng wǒ zài tàiyáng xià dītóu 流着汗水默默辛苦的工作 Streaming with sweat working hard in silence Liúzhe hànshuǐ mòmò xīnkǔ de gōngzuò 你是不是像 槟州 垂死的山坡… Read more »

Buttock Brainy

Ha! Ha!, why the garpes are so sour? now they have penang forum no. 5, beh ta han lioa!

This is all you got… hills development, dying hills, crying hills,.. then KFC twister. Slowly-slowly.. MCA makes you monkeys.


Don’t be tempted by MCA’s free KFC Twister as publicised by Teng Chang Yeow.
you can possibly get brain damage according to report link here :

The family of a young girl who was left severely brain damaged from salmonella poisoning after eating a KFC chicken twister has been awarded $8 million in damages plus costs by the NSW Supreme Court.

Gerakan K

Another master piece from Mr. Ong Eu Soon !!!

ong eu soon

The video is the original song. We should sing My future is just a dream until it become My future is not a dream

Sze Tho

Ah soon talks to himself. Now he sings too?

I hope he doesn’t end up foaming in the mouth at the forum. The signs are not good.


ong eu soon

If you want to rock and jam with us, remember to wear red in a quiet show of opposition to wanton rape of our hill. Red signify blood of the bleeding hills.

ong eu soon

Now Penang Forum 5 want to tell me that the sing session will be disruptive. What kind of stupidity is this? Mark my word, Guan Eng is looking for excuse not to attend the forum. If he is a man don’t run away. Anyway he can’t run away. It is over! Too late! No turning back! Don’t blame me, I did not flout the law. The one who flout the law go to jail.

ong eu soon

All the sycophant blind supporters have chose to fight me with no due regard and respect on issues at hand. It is pay back time, I will show you how to campaign and mobilise all the forces and facilities available to win a battle even if it mean get rid of PR instead of BN. I am suppose to be at side fighting against BN, strange now I find myself at the other side of the political divide in order to get rid of lgE permanently from politic.

ong eu soon

You have your camera, video and youtube for bashing anyone who haranguing the speaker. So why worry? Who want to be Tow Truck Lady 2.0?

ong eu soon

… we would like to give lgE the opportunity to spell out his vision of International, Livable City. No disruption please! This guy has no idea what to talk, there is nothing to be afraid of his view. It is the opportunity for us to poke fun of his vision after he finished his presentation. So don’t screw up the opportunity, behave yourself! We will have the opportunity after he finished his presentation. We should not let lgE find a lousy excuse not to attend the forum. We are all civilised and educated, so let behave like a gentleman.

ong eu soon

Asking people to come an hour early for the unofficial Rock n Roll session also kena censure! Anil, where is your gut? We just try not to disrupt your forum. Like this you also afraid?

Super Senior

ong eu soon can rock n’ roll with Joceline Tan of The Star (to the tune of that ‘Balas Budi’ song) at the event, assuming she is going to be there after her newspaper column on this matter.

ong eu soon

Permohonan Kebenaran Merancang Untuk Cadangan Mendirikan 1 Blok 27 Tingkat Kondominium (233 Unit), 3 Tingkat Tempat Letak Kenderaan Dan 1 Tingkat Kemudahan Masyarakat Di Atas Lot 998 & 40, Mukim 11 Dbd, Lengkok Kelicap Pulau Pinang oleh Reka Indah Development (Penang) Sdn. Bhd

ong eu soon


Gerakan K

“international city” ???!!!

That is full of concrete, towers, condos and shopping malls. No hope for current term. No hope for poor local Penangites. Penang is for affluent Japanese, Englishmen and Chinese bosses.

Ordinary and poor … can get lost !!! That is cruel fact that even their own hardcore supporters have no choice but close one eye and continue voting for very smart and selective pakatan !!!

Yeah, that is true pakatan CHANGE is all about to accommodate the super RICH group. SELAMATKAN MALAYSIA is all about saving the RICH group.

Andrew I

Jealous ke? There are different ways of getting rich, hard work for one and not waiting for easy khang tau like some people.

Sze Tho

Penang and Malaysia is still a land of opportunities for those who are hardworking and intelligent. Both qualities which you are sorely lacking.

Those who do will see the potential in Penang, the bright future instead of just whinning like you.


i shall attend the forum.

i hope to meet Anil, Eu Soon, Yang, Sze Toh, Syiok Syiok, kee, Andrew, tunglang and his fayther in law and any discussions raised will be put forward to the administrators to evaluate for implementation.

this is a good platform to tell the gomen how to overtake Spore & bangkok to be #1 choice for street food; how to build more gardens in the cosmopolitan penang; how to make people feel good despite all the janji kosong yang belum ditepati from federal gomen etc…..


You are right. Penang’s street food in terms originality and taste may be no.1 but other aspects of it involving food prep, location of stalls, hygiene and safety have to be drastically improved. In pg I find hawkers at unsuitable locations where the roads are extremely narrow, some on the footpath occupying it entirely, some put tables and chairs on the road like they own it and some wash their dishes then dry them by the drain. The star even reported the Penang Hawkers Association president as saying that it is fine to run their stalls by a drain and… Read more »

sh tan

Masliza: Yes, we can definitely learn from NY and other major cities. In NY, – they do not allow a 30 storey structure built right beside existing low rise residential housing – messing around with their Central Park is a sacrilege. Do not even dare to think about taking away any green and public spaces there. – they do not tear down and demolish buildings of historic significance. They preserve and treat them as their legacy – do not attempt to park illegally anywhere if you do not want to be clamped. In NY and other major cities, they plan… Read more »

Gerakan K

Why I cannot see any visible green in NY ???

Andrew I

That’s because you haven’t heard of Central Park. Shows how worldly you are.

Sze Tho

Not just Central Park, green spaces are found throughout the 5 boroughs. But then GK, you didn’t know did you?

Go back to school. Or at least look it up on the Internet. Malu lah when you open your mouth like this. Ignorance is NOT bliss.

Andrew I

Yeeeah, wee wanna come tooo.

ong eu soon

Bring your video camera, see how I question him on the Boustead compensation, see how lgE going to answer over the question whether the planning authority and the appeal board can be sued or not. Or see how he responded when he realise that he going to be sued over his (alleged) lie on lawsuit amounting to hundreds of millions of ringgits.


Need to advertise here huh, if you are any good?

Sze Tho

He comes here for his regular venting because no one else to talk to at home.
– he also has his lil band of cheerleaders.


Mazlifa Majid

I I am a proud Penangite. Eventhough I have left Penang 27 years ago I still try to keep abreast with what is happening there. I am glad to note what PR has done for Penang. I always envisioned that one day Penang would become a mini Manhattan/New York – albeit a more cultured, safe and spiritual city. Why not? In fact its long overdue – Penangites has been shortchanged, the Federal government fear of Georgetown eclipsing Kl has kept us in that wallowing state. But not anymore. I believe if we learn from the major cities footprint and then… Read more »

Andrew I

Let me see whether I can find it. Ah, here we are:

Namewee, please change the lyrics and rap it.


So nostalgic, so many memories, I wish I could go back in time to 70’s & early 80’s Penang.
Radio RAAF – I miss you.


A manhattan, our dear tunglang is fuming !!!

syiok syiok

wanna make penang a manhattan ? first build a central park equivalent may be at anson road/macalister road junction ?

more cosmopolitan penang in near term & tunglang will hav to rethink to retire at 60 as he may opt to leave early for Belum at 55 next year, the question is whether his family agrees with him or not.


Spore flattened Bukit Timah years ago for rock/soil/sand now recreating artificially yet natural gardens by the bay.

Penang is disturbing the hills for housing/commercial development; and the question is can the gomen recreate a nice garden scene (botanic garden is too small lah) benefitting all classes of islanders ?????


There is no need to be a Manhattan. We should emulate what is good from every city and filter out the negative aspects. New York may be the fashion and business capital of America but it has a crime rate in many areas. They have slum-like suburbs and areas which are dingy and notorious. On the positive side, they have a gigantic central park sitting right in the city which is something good to follow. Singapore on the other hand is one of the safest and cleanest cities on earth (which is a goal we should target) but it has… Read more »


SIMPLY love what others have as Cosmopolitan, like Manhattan City or Tokyo or London, etc, etc. Q: Do we know exactly what is fit for us Malaysian with diversity of cultures of Asian values? Q: Can our people from all classes of society fit into this globalized concept? Don’t tell me the-cannot-afford-to to leave en-mass the island. This is O’blady betrayal of 308 euphoria. Q: How sustainable or balanced is the concept of Cosmopolitan city? Will it create ghettos, slums & more crimes? Knowing more are going for gated communities, the assurance of safety is doubtful esp. with the influx… Read more »