Anwar who?


So we have an RTM reporter who doesn’t know who Anwar is and which party Karpal belongs to. We also have an Utusan reporter who doesn’t know what ultra vires means.

If this is the level of general knowledge among mainstream media reporters, what more the average Malaysian?

It’s a sad reflection of the state of our education system, which doesn’t encourage pupils to think. Nor does it want university students taking an interest in social and political issues.

As a result, we are producing more and more school-leavers and graduates who do not know much about the world around them. Nor are they trained to think and solve real-world problems.

Is it any wonder then that more and more Malaysian parents – those who can afford it – are enrolling their children in international schools especially in KL?

In the old days, international schools were only meant for children of expatriates. But now, from what I hear, more and more of the pupils are Malaysians. Isn’t that an indictment – by the elite, at least – of the national education system?

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I would like to believe, education helps, but its the attitude and the mentality of that person that define whether he is going to be successful or not.

Good examples, no need to go far (out of the country), we have uneducated (not even able to speak proper Bahasa/English) lots but filthy rich and successful. No need for me to name them, you should know who I am referring too.

puan chan

I dont realy blame the education system but the parents for being ignorant. When the children are growing they will ask anything under tne sun from the birds n rhe bees to current news. Even though my children are straight A’s wanabes, but I proud to say they knows all the PR leaders, beng teong case or the silly things such as 1malaysia concept. you wanna why, cause when they asked me about it I ‘ll to tell the truth and gladly they read news from MSM and Harakah daily keadalan daily even malaysia today. So I would blame the… Read more »


Malaysian University Journalism degree Exam question:
Anwar Ibrahim is the Leader Of PKR, and Karpal Singh is a Sikh.
a) Underline Anwar Ibrahim (10 marks)
b) Underline Sikh (10 marks)


So too the dpm and sharizat


Han2 August 15th, 2009 at 12.58am I am not surprised at all, Anil, at the reported incidents involving the RTM and Utusan reporters. I have been involved in job interviews in the last 2 years recruiting employees and I dare say here 90% of our youth are not knowledgeable enough. I need an update of USD and Euro against the Ringgit every hour without fail, you think you can do it? The answer was “Euro is which country’s currency, ah?” The candidate was a graduate! ==== With vast knowledge base in the internet, new generations lack of general knowledge is… Read more »


August 15th, 2009 at 12.21am

Some lawyers cannot even speak proper English. How they passed their exams? You and I know.


Lower the passing mark to churn out bumi graduates under the name of “ketuanan Melayu”?


BN has created such a deplorable order in our education system.

This is a job interview on a top student from a local university by my friend in Penang.

My friend: Why you cannot answer such simple and commonsense question?

Interviewee: My lecturers did not teach me in the class.

My friend: speechless….


This is a true story. The General Manager of a Company in Kuala Lumpur received a telephone call from a lady….
Lady: I saw advertisement in newspaper you have a vacancy for a clerk. I want to apply.
GM: Can you come for interview tomorrow morning?
Lady: What clock? (Apa jam?)
GM: Oh, no need to come lah. No vacancy lah.



How did RTM and Utusan hiring !!! What a disaster to have people like these working in the company … hahahah


I don’t blame the reporter for not knowing (Karpal) and (Anwar) as they r the most useless people in the country out there only to create trouble…


In Boleh Land, if you are too smart and the rural students are not so smart, you have to downgrade your capability to the standards of the rural students, as what happened to the English language in Maths and Science. (Is it the) same thing with the passing marks of SPM and PMR? Bring down the grades becoz the rural students lack facilities and not able to score As if the passing mark is too high? The same with entrance to the Universities? then job qualifications for doctors, teachers, lecturers, civil service and almost everything? hence the low laughable qualities… Read more »


PAS has named a well-liked candidate for the Permatang Pasir by-election. This man unlike his possible opponent is a better person to represent the people. PAS is going to retain the seat. When people are arrogant the rakyat should teach them a lesson. There are many more capable leaders out there who can run the country. Looks like PAKATAN will do the job.


BTW if u want to look at Ultra Vires, then just look at ur Federal Govt minister who has Police Outriders. I would say, the Police Outriders, the Army MP Outriders are doing things beyond their authority/ powers. The speed limit is put in place basically on advice of the traffic cops and powers to be. Yet, Federal Ministers and other higher ups tend to be escorted at speeds above the speed limit. On what basis? I m late, so I will have to drive at 150km/h. I m breaking the law. I cannot have a police man, escort me… Read more »


they aint no moronic as you all think.

they have to look stupid for the sake of supremacy.


To be fair, how many people (other than lawyers) know what Ultra Vires is? 2 some people, it sounds like an Ultra Virus, a super virus. So that poor chap must have thought that Karpal was referring to a deadly strain of virus, known as Ultra Virus. Possibly having deadly consequences of overthrowing State Governments, and Speakers,etc. Give the poor guy and his editors a break. We have a known trouble maker (who throws pencils in Parliment) saying someone is an Ultra Virus. His editors are worried that their newspaper is not selling. They are figuring ways to create controversy,… Read more »

Leong Yook Kong

Anwar is the PM in waiting. Singh is “the king”. Like this also don’t know. I would still put the blame on our education system. Look what the leaders had mentioned:- 1. Don’t vote BN, you are UNGRATEFUL. 2. You want the bridge, UNMO must win. 3. Shut up to Ta Kut and Tiong … 4. Let police investigates into TBH’s death, no RCI. 5. No H1N1, but swine flu. 6. So on and so on. What to expect from the leaders as they are not ready and sincere to face the true facts and realities of life? What they… Read more »


Education The rich and well to do “Overseas my children” Learn to think not by rote Only the can’t afford Stuck it up in the country’s education Learning by rote thinking suppressed The living robots walking squeaking along The way it is The generations will lose Thinking on their feet It will be hard to do Emphasize on examinations Scoring “A” is a must The pressures on the students Scoring it high worth the money spend And the time delaying other pursuits Now the truth be told RTM reporter doesn’t know Anwar Ibrahim If she doesn’t know Karpal Singh I… Read more »


otherwise, how to prosecute

Not That Smart

“Keep your peasants stupid so that they will not revolt” – Isnt that the true aim of UMNO’s elite? Our children will be kept stupid, while their children are educated in UK/Aust/US, so they will become the future dynasty ruler. Lest we start to think independently & rationally, we may see them for WHAT they are – greedy, lazy, corrupted, lying politicians (some are more heinous but the majority are just plain lazy crooks). Dont forget, (many) useless, lazy, uninspired school leavers would apply to join a Govt Dept or some … GLC, as it would ensure “makan gaji buta”,… Read more »


you’ll speak the truth, nothing but the truth….
you shall not lie; you shall not bear false witness…
the first wisdom is to fear GOD

Pak Din

“If this is the level of general knowledge among mainstream media reporters, what more the average Malaysian?”

Mainstream media reporters and the rest of the BN indoctrinated officers are STUPID…, yes I AGREE..!

But, average Malaysian? I believe they we are FAR BETTER then they.. Agree?

Morning Dew

comical quip :

ultra vires – is it a new vires or not ?

ultra vires – is that ultra man’s brother ?

ultra vires – aiyah isn’t that the ulta(cantonese) vires everyone so scared of – h1n1 ah ?

ultra vires – by jolly isn’t that the new designer drug we get from “you know where” ?


I feel it’s more of arrogance than knowledge. These goons are trained to belittle some leaders thinking that they are super human beings walking on earth. The people are not stupid. All these pretenders will one day learn their lessons. Arrogance goes with inferiority complex.


Ya Han2.I agree with you. I had an experience once of a guy who came for a sales executive position. When I pointed out that he had forgotten to fill in the “position applied for” column in the application form, he asked me how to spell the word ‘executive’. Ha! Ha! Ha!



When even the children of the then education minister (are believed to) study in private schools, what more can we say? If the mother of the ex-education minister’s children don’t have faith, what more the rest of the population. In any other REAL and not play play countries, that ex-education minister would have had some common decency and honour to resign. But now, he got promoted. Only in Malaysia.