Anwar seeks firm assurance of security for self, family


1926: Opposition Leader Dr Wan Azizah has sent a letter to Prime Minister Abdullah asking him to personally guarantee Anwar’s safety. The letter was received by the Prime Minister’s Office at 3.15pm.

1834: Human rights lawyer Charles Hector has a slightly different take in his blog (see below). He says that Saiful too has rights that need to be protected. That makes sense to me – assuming you have an impartial AG, police force and judiciary. What do you think? Does he have a point?

The defamation suit allegedly being filed with regard a complaint to the police is a shameful act ….and that again is something that should never be done when someone makes a complaint to the police. So what now, will “Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan” now have to do – rush find some lawyer, and expend more money defending a defamation suit. This is VERY wrong and I am shocked if Anwar did indeed file a defamation suit JUST with regard that police report. If that Saiful came out and made some public statement about it, then you can file a defamation action. When it comes to a police report – no one can use the report as a basis for a defamation suit – I believe that is the law. If not, everytime someone files a police report against another, there will be a defamation suit against the complainant — and surely after that no poor person who is victim of a crime is even going to dare to make any police report….

1701: Nat Tan makes a couple of interesting observations in his blog:


When questioned on the existence of a photograph of Saiful and his (Najib’s) special officer, taken at the office of the deputy prime minister, Najib said that the photo was taken when Saiful had come to his office to seek a government scholarship to pursue his studies.

Ah. Well. Note to all Malaysians: The doors to the Deputy Prime Minister’s office are now wide open to all Malaysians requiring government scholarships to pursue their studies. Please, stop by.

One more:

Saiful described himself as someone who liked to make friends, “regardless if they were ministers, opposition leaders, gangsters or even road sweepers.”


1645: Meanwhile, there is still no sign of Petronas’ financial results for the year ended 31 March 2008. The figures should be available now – so what’s the delay? Some quarters are predicting a record profit before tax in the region of RM80-110 billion. I wonder if such results will be released before the big oil hike protest on 6 July.

1611: A journalist now at PKR headquarters confirms that the libel suit against Anwar’s aide was lodged this morning. But the police report against the IGP and AG for their role in 1998-99 has been deferred, presumably for strategic reasons. “The PKR people are determined to nail (the lies behind) these allegations against Anwar,” he says.

He also points out that Anwar’s denials came just three to four hours after the sodomy allegations were first made. This is in sharp contrast to the length of time it took – was it four or five days? – for those implicated in Raja Petra’s statutory declaration (re the Altantuya case) to come up with their respective denials.

1408: It’s that time of the year when you need to pick up some cool “house-keeping tips”. For some light relief, you gotta look up Mustafa’s blog here.

1210: The KLCI is down by 6 per cent points.

0930: The papers are full of the drama yesterday, but beyond the headlines, there’s little analysis of the implications of this new development. I guess no one really knows how it will all pan out. All attention will be on PKR’s planned gathering at Parliament at 1.00pm. Anwar’s lawyers are also expected to file a “saman berkenaan laporan polis berbau fitnah” at the High Court in Jalan Duta at 9.30 am, according to a notice on the PKR website.

Meanwhile, here’s an update from Anwar, published on his blog, in which he says that he is seeking firm assurances of security for himself and his family:

Saya tiba ke Kedutaan awal pagi, berlepas dari Quality Inn. Tahniah diatas kelincahan pasukan khas kita!

Pastilah keletihan kerana hampir tidak tidur malam tadi mendengarkan asakan hujah pimpinan. Pastinya kami menganggap Turki negara sahabat dan keputusan untuk ke sini adalah kerana isu keselamatan semata.

Pengalaman lalu mengajar kita bahawa tindakan ganas dan rakus bisa saja dari pendendam. Dan dalam konteks ini cadangan laporan polis saya terhadap Musa Hasan dan Gani Patail adalah berkaitan. Kita dapat buktikan bagaimana mereka berdua terlibat dalam merekayasa bukti, mendera dan menakutkan orang terlibat.

Maka apa yang dipohon adalah jaminan tegas pimpinan negara agar kecurangan lalu tidak berulang! Sebaik ada jaminan keselamatan diri dan keluarga, kami akan segera pulang.

Meskipun layanan di sini agak lumayan, tidak mungkin sama dengan keselesaan di rumah. Dan tidak diizinkan sebarang pertemuan dengan media atau sahabat. Hanya Azizah dan anak-anak dibenar menziarah saya.

Muda-mudahan pihak pemerintah segera memberikan jaminan keselamatan kepada saya sekeluarga. Jika tegas pengumuman sedemikian, saya akan segera pulang meninggalkan Kedutaan.

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selvaraja somiah
selvaraja somiah
1 Jul 2008 11.32am

This Saiful fellow was planted and we knew it even before March 8th while I was campaigning for Party Pasok in Sabah. Even as far as Sabah, it was known that this fellow was planted in the PKR camp.

So guys, just relax and watch what is going to be unfolded shortly. This time the conspirators and the co-conspirator will be caught with their pants down with regards to the “BACKSIDE” thingy. Let’s wait and see the fun.

Kenny Gan
Kenny Gan
30 Jun 2008 9.09pm

Hector said, “I believe that is the law. If not, everytime someone files a police report against another, there will be a defamation suit against the complainant — and surely after that no poor person who is victim of a crime is even going to dare to make any police report….”

Hector is a real shallow thinker. That really depends on whether the report is true or not. It should not deter anybody making a real report but deterring those who make scurrilous reports for ulterior motives is certainly not a bad thing.

Kenny Gan
Kenny Gan
30 Jun 2008 9.05pm

My take is that Charles Hector does not have a point with regards to the defamation suit filed by Anwar. For such a public figure like Anwar, filing a report of such a vile crime is itself a huge defamation to Anwar’s reputation and may mean political death if swift action to counter it is not taken. Hector should not speak from a moral high horse when he is far removed from the actual events. He should distinguish between the type of crime alleged and the fame of the person accused. Some crimes are more vile than others, some people… Read more »

30 Jun 2008 8.48pm

I agree with you, Anil, on Hector’s point. As much as it is important for us to uphold and protect the rights of everyone, one must not forget the context within which our judiciary and police have operated. It is truly sad that given the kind of judiciary and police we have had, not just the fact that they have been under direct or indirect influence of the BN government but also that some of the major individuals of such institutions have become so closely tied to the BN political leaders, how can one not take all that into consideration… Read more »

30 Jun 2008 2.55pm

Bro’ Anilnetto,

I like your quick updates as various events unfold.

Juz wanna point out on your KLCI update. The drop is 0.6% instead of 6. Thanks.

30 Jun 2008 2.03pm

If the turkish ambassador has been summoned it is (probably) only a matter of time that anwar will be arrested.

The Yarning
The Yarning
30 Jun 2008 1.41pm

I wish their side can disclose more the kind of threat he is under. This is hardly the same as seeking refuge for a political charge. So many things dun add up. In crying that this is a political murder plotted against Anwar..would the power that be not be attempting killing themselves in the process, based on the popularly held believe and perception of what happened in 1998, and how shaky the speculation that it’s the government’s doing is. on the other hand, like some other bloggers or their commentators have suggested, this might be his own doing to further… Read more »

30 Jun 2008 11.44am

The self inflicted accusation theory is now being officially peddled to the masses…

And what do people with good memories make of the assurances of police protection for Anwar? Once beaten, twice shy perhaps?

Edwin SJ Ng  PJK
Edwin SJ Ng PJK
30 Jun 2008 10.45am

Can you please get someone to have translated and then post it again in your blog.

While I have got a gist of it, I would love to understand what really is Our Friend saying.

Thank you.