Anwar’s ceramah stopped by police


Police put a stop to a ceramah by opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim last night in a blow for freedom of expression.

The crowd of about 500 at the PKNS Flats in Kampung Kerinci, Kuala Lumpur expressed their displeasure by chanting “reformasi!”.

The good news is that Sisters in Islam has succeeded in the High Court in overturning a Home Minister’s order banning their book, Muslim Women and the Challenges of Islamic Extremism.

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Anil, sorry to hijack this thread …

See the job posting in this link:

What is wrong with the Malaysian government?

Why do we have to pay foreigners USD 4000 to USD 5000 per month when our locals can do the job?

Plus they are advertising in South Africa !

The South Africans are better than Malaysians?

Phua Kai Lit

The whole world is watching.

One, two , many Anwars!


The gathering was illegal because the police refused to grant a permit for DSAI to speak.

They have the policemen to force a peaceful ceramah to stop but have no policemen to ensure orderliness so that a permit may be given.

The authorities are very quick in stopping any public display of anger against corruption.


I think this is good. The action of the police is kindling the reformasi spirit. This will scare the … out of the ….

Gerakan K

Anwar speaks for most Malaysians? Does this matter? Anyway, most Malaysians have chosen BN as their government. Put it simply, this was an illegal gathering because it lacked police permit. Anwar did it again to divert our attention to his sodomy trial. Bad habit difficult to change. Good luck to him.


Gerakan K,

Really do not understand why the force for change is so strong wherever we go. Perhaps the Mongolian Lady wore everything red before she lost her life in the jungles of Selangor.



Exactly, Anwar speak for most Malaysian and Najib UMNO and their cronies are so afraid to let 52 years of truth be unveiled. And who does Najib UMNO speak for, well their cronies and the corruptibles like the 3 Perak defectors, Khir Toyo and Taib, the untransparency of the collapse of 2 stadium in UMNO Trengganu or even worse Port Klang and Bakun fiasco or the denial of the Penan rights to heir land or the Allah issue of agreeing to the protest and MANY MANY MORE THAT WERE USURPED FOR THEIR OWN BENEFITS …. Its good that Najib UMNO… Read more »

PR Man

Gerakan K,

Despite all the mess UMNO is creating with Anwar, it is not going to be easy for UMNO.

Anwar just have the support of the people. In a democracy, the peoples support is of utmost importance! You can continue to deny, but the fact really is the mood is for a total change.

The people are just too unhappy with what is happening to the country. From day one till now, have you heard of anything good from the leaders of this country?

Let us be frank and constructive bro! cheers.


Usurper of democracy and the truth, that is the 1Malaysia propagated by the… PM.


Abuse of power by the police and total disregard of the freedom of speech and gathering. From above, we can see that UMNO is certainly afraid of DSAI. … the PRDM serve their … purpose. TO PRDM, UMNO is not your paymaster, we the tax payers are! Go take care of the ceramah at Shah Alam where (allegedly) seditious remarks of the most sickful kinds are mentioned… The above DSAI incident could be a result of the tremendous show of support in South Perak the previous night, in Slim River and Sungai Manik where tens of thousands of Malays came… Read more »


The reality is Anwar Ibrahim now speaks for most Malaysians whereas the Government now speaks for a very select few only. The Government now needs to introspect as to who it is representing. UMNO needs to take a fresh look at itself. I know Khairy Jamaluddin has already said UMNO needs to represent the aspirations of all Malaysians and not just a few prosperous Malaysians only. For me the perfect political team to represent Malaysians in Government would be Anwar Ibrahim as PM and Khairy Jamaluddin as deputy PM and Tok Guru, Lim Kit Siang and Karpal Singh as our… Read more »

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

Looking at this video it is quite obvious that our great Malaysian police would (probably) never allowed PR or Anwar to take power. Imagine what could happen to them.
BN would continue to be corrupted, all the big Malaysian companies would continue to be corrupted….