‘Anak Bangsa Malaysia’ initiative launched


[email protected] reports on the launch of the Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative in KL while over in Penang, a smaller group met up to express solidarity:

The launch in KL – Photos by [email protected]

The Penang solidary gathering at a nasi kandar restaurant – Photo by Lucia Lai

Just last month, we celebrated Merdeka Day and yesterday we had Malaysia day. Really, it was by far the most subdued and lifeless ‘celebration’ I have ever experienced. Other than uncertainty in our economic challenges, we have also inherited a degenerative political disease which inflicts daily insults and threats to the rakyat. A sense of ‘hopelessness’ is slowly creeping inside our immune system. It is like getting worse day by day. Everything seems to be going backwards.

So, what’s new? Fortunately, a small flame was flickering in the darkness: the launch of a new Anak Bangsa Malaysia initiative.

Come shine or rain, the launch had to go on. In the heart of the city, somewhere in KL, a group of the rakyat – ages ranging from 15 upwards – gathered at Rumah Anak Bangsa Malaysia to witness the birth of the ‘true’ Malaysian. Last night, they were all called Anak Bangsa Malaysia: One race! No need for dominance over anyone, no one is superior, no one inferior … respecting and cherishing each other; companionship was the order of the night.

Despite the sporadic rain and traffic jams, 250 people turned up at the Anak Bangsa Malaysia house. And all you could hear and see were people hugging, shaking hands, laughing, cheering, and smiling as if it was a gathering of long-lost brothers and sisters. Those who are new to this group of Anak Bangsa Malaysians are often taken aback, surprised, amused, perhaps shocked. Usually they are left wondering: how is it possible for people of different races to gel together so wonderfully.

Food, music, and a couple of prominent individuals were also present. It was indeed a wonderful and refreshing sight to behold. Please do drop by Haris Ibrahim blog, if you want to know more and one thing is certain, there is still hope for this nation and it is of paramount importance that you make a stand for yourself and be counted before others instruct you to stand or sit.

Anak Bangsa Malaysia provides us an avenue to learn and to grow as true rakyat Malaysia and all these activities are simply to tell the government of the day that we love this nation and respect all rakyat just as much and no less than they do …

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anna brella

IMO, Haris Ibrahim is an unusually wise Malaysian and a born leader to boot. You can’t go much wrong following him and going where he leads on that ABM sampan. As far as I can remember, there have always been ABMs like Haris in Malaysia and it is because of these non-racist Malaysians that a sovereign Malaysia was able to win her freedom and independence from her servitude under the British colonial masters and become a democratically modelled independent nation. As you may (or may not still) know, it is this unaccountable, hubristic and overly-authoritarian UMNO/BN coalition Government that has,… Read more »



thanks again for your coverage. People can also refer to ABM’s own website: http://www.sayaanakbangsamalaysia.net

See you soon! In Bagan Pinang 😉



GOOD NEWS IS ALWAYS SOMETHING TO CELEBRATE! Kudos to my spirit brother Haris Ibrahim and the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers!


thanks for putting up the photo anil. actually, it was not launched in penang (as per your heading). it was only launched in KL and we in penang gathered together in solidarity WITH the launch, and also on occasion of hari malaysia of course.

though the turnout was a small number, it doesn’t matter because ‘as long as 2 or 3 are gathered’ the objective is there. 🙂

more pics can be seen at:

people power

Don’t lose on hope and faith, as you say ABM is an avenue, similar to other orgs that highlight the faith and hope that the general public need to educate themselves individually in wanting the truth as oppose hiding in the shade of truth for humanity. Faith and hope is wisdom within the heart not some half fetched knowledge and propoganda. As long as as Malaysians have the heart, faith and hope it will prevail for the masses. For 52 years we stayed silent for our own individual needs, provided you can contribute constructively, let’s for once put aside differences… Read more »