Ambiga: You are not alone in GE13 (Video)


Blog reader Desmond sent this video link with the message: “See Ambiga at her radiant best.”

This video was shot at Kota Damnsara in PJ on Saturday, 13 April 2013.

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Truth is no country has ever had 100% voter turnout. Only a few has had it above 90%..Especially given our global trade and mobility, getting even 80% is already a remarkable achievement. It would be incredible feat at 85%..

Ambiga is not being realistic about what can be achieved despite the nobility of what she is doing..


Bigger turnout will dilute the effect from dubious voters.


No longer a Malaysia citizen but still have a lot of emotional ties. What an inspiring speech. PRU13 will decide the destiny for the rakyat of Malaysia. Please all come to vote and UBAH.

Phua Kai Lit

I was already going to vote for PAS candidate Dr Khalid Samad in Shah Alam.

Seeing who is the BN candidate – the fascist Zulkifli Noordin – makes me strengthen my resolve to vote for Khalid Samad and PAS !

I call upon all my Indian-Malaysian and Chinese-Malaysian neighbours in Shah Alam to tell BN that we totally tolak fascism/Nazism by letting BN
“eat egg” in the Shah Alam constituency.


One to watch:
Negri Sembilan menteri besar Mohd Isa Samad vs singer Wan Aishah Wan Ariffin of PAS for the Jempol parliamentary seat.

Aishah will sing ;Janji Manis Mu’ to Isa?

Mike Terrence

No matter what Ambiga says, there are idiots out there who is think she is backing PKR for fun. Listen 3X, Other than corrupted BN, who and what is the next best Opposition there is now? Some still think their mama or papa or better they themselves. Ambiga have already made it clear, even if PKR does not perform, Bersih will still clean them out, get it? But as it is now, pls take one step at a time. Ubah first, then see what happen next, get it?


GK head cannot be examined anymore. it has been brainwashed and speckly cleaned with soda that you will see nothing not even a speck of dust in that thick kosong skull underneath. So how is he able to understand what is free & fair election.
Well you can`t blame him, he has been taking crumb almost his whole life and is satisfied while his master enjoy you know what I mean.


Ambiga, one of the greatest woman in Malaysia & you are our “Aung San Suu Kyi”. For MCA and Gerakan grassroots and supporters: It’s undeniable your party has no more relevant in representing Chinese in this GE. Even UMNO has looked down and taken away your traditional seats because they think they are more suitable of taking care of Chinese than both of you. Is it still worth believing MCA & Gerakan can contribute to the Chinese society by belittle Chinese voters to woo them with all sort of free dinners, beers, lotteries & handouts? Is that the right way… Read more »

Gerakan K (Team)

Ambiga only has one objective, that is to help Pakatan Rakyat win elections at costs.

Nothing extraordinary about Ambiga. Perhaps she is targeting a federal seat like Wong Tack ???

Andrew I

Perhaps you need your head examined.

Not everyone is so position gila like some people who lead parties but are too chickadee to face the electorate.

Andrew I

And we were thinking the two chestnuts under the Christmas tree 1CD politician was a big star.

Anak Malaysia

Ambiga, u are always our big sister. No matter how stiff the road ahead, u are always leading us in front. U will never walk alone. We are with u. Part of u.