Ambiga, Nurul meet Singapore High Comm officials


Ambiga and Nurul have met officials of the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur.

PKR had planned to hand over a memorandum to the High Commission, to express solidarity with 21 Malaysians hauled up in Singapore for taking part in a small impromptu gathering following the recent controversial general election in Malaysia.

The memo by Nurul, Sim Tze Tzin, Idris Jauzi and Chua Jui Meng concluded:

Singapore should have nothing to fear from a handful of Malaysians who seek free and fair elections in their own nation. Any country with a robust and fair democracy should in fact welcome any such peaceful calls for the same in their own.

We, the members of Malaysian Parliament from the People’s Justice Party would like to extend our solidarity with Malaysians working in Singapore for pursuing democracy, free and fair elections in Malaysia. We view highly the courage shown by Malaysians for making a stand to seek justice and democracy. They should be commended for their courageous act.

We believe both Malaysia and Singapore value highly our friendship and cooperation between the two, therefore we would like to call upon Singaporean authority to exercise restraints and give those arrested Malaysians a second chance.

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They can’t have it both ways. If anything Ambiga’s presence makes it all the more dangerous for the 21 Malaysian’s facing jail time in Singapore. She has no legal standing to make the demands or requests she has made of a foreign diplomatic mission or of their government. She has no status as a representative of the Malaysians. She is (allegedly) representative of the US through its foreign policy funded NED (National Endowment for Democracy) and the Civil Societies Movement. The objects of both movements are undemocratic and illegal at international law in that it seeks to undermine the sovereignty… Read more »


I think the Singapore government is short sighted with their arrest. These are not individuals that are protesting against Singapore. They are simply expressing dissatisfaction with Malaysia’s election fraud which is not something Singapore has to be concern with. There is no public disruptions and was peaceful.

Singapore must stand up if they are going to be counted as first world. Their behaviour must match their aspiration. They can’t behave like the BN government.


Actually Singapore PAP government is doing this to warn its own citizens so that they do not emulate the Malaysian spirit against the unjust. Singapore usually plans arly even thought their election is not due until 2016.


Singapore government will be happy to have (this) government in place in Malaysia. This
is their plan all along they (allegedly) do not like any of its Asean countries to be govern by smart people .Same in Indonesia …
This red dote is nothing they are dependent on the weak Asean countries. PR
is too smart for them they will like idiots in UMNO so they can call the shots.