Longest tennis match: A lesson for all of us


While most people are focusing on World Cup football and its pampered celebrity players, the stuff of legends was being played out on a Wimbledon tennis court by two virtual unknowns.

The longest tennis match in history provides us with a compelling lesson on commitment to the cause no matter what the odds.

According to the Busted Racquet blog:

Epic doesn’t even begin to cover it.

After 10 hours, 163 games and almost 1,000 points, American John Isner and Frenchman Nicolas Mahut were locked at 59-59 in the fifth set of their historic first-round match at Wimbledon when play was suspended for the second straight day due to darkness.

The amazing story of their match – which is still not yet over – can be found here

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If only Malaysia badminton players have same fighting spirit, otherwise we can forget gold medal in Olympic Games for another 100 years.


Incredible match, last match I saw was the Roddick vs El-Aynaoui in the Oz Open years back.

And yes, some lessons are lost on some… but then that’s the way it goes ! 😀

semuanya OK kot

Anil, what is the lesson for us? To give priority to achieving more world records? Malaysian records? Ha, ha, ha!

Gerakan K

Only lousy players will play that long. For top class player, he will finished off his opponent in straight KO game.

Ahmad Syafiq

Have you ever played tennis before? You don’t even know what it’s like to fight out hours and hours on the tennis court. Both are big servers, both are well-matched. Besides, this is a major tennis tournament we’re talking about here. It’s WIMBLEDON. Although the final set was over at 70-68 in favour of John Isner (USA – World number 19), it just goes to show that persistence is the way to go in order to achieve what we want in the end.

Gerakan K

In any sports ranking, only top 5 or 10 that really matters. Kindly enlightened.

Their match is just a mess to the organizer, broadcasters and viewers like you. Time and resource wasting for all.


Talking of “busted racket”, is the Malaysian Opposition in any danger of taking a record for the longest opposition campaign? Part of the reason for their impressive length is the same, I reckon: evenly matched, neither very good.

Gerakan K

Unless it is girls’ matches, the game is not attractive at all.

Who cares whether it is 2 day match or longer ??? …

Ahmad Syafiq

Hello bruder, if you know nothing about tennis, better keep your mouth closed. I watch tennis for the skills, not for the girls.

telur dua

… crazy. These Grand Slams should have a fifth set tiebreaker as a decider. Not unlike the penalty shootout in a soccer match.