Aliran website hacked after Farish’s article appears


Aliran’s website has been hacked again.

This time the hacker obliterated the website and left a message using swear words on the site administrator.

Cartoonist Zunar alerted Aliran to the hacking this afternoon.

The website was hacked a couple of days after Aliran posted an article on “Race and Islam” by its member, Farish Noor.

In his piece, Farish criticised those who used Islam to manipulate racial sentiments against the appointment of a Chinese Malaysian as acting general manager of Selangor state-owned PKNS.

Soon after the the article appeared on the website, a reader posted a strong comment, personally attacking Farish and his academic credentials, along with a dare to the webmaster to publish it. The comment was approved by the Aliran webmaster yesterday after crude language was edited out.

Some time today, the website was hacked. Farish’s article and the hacking could be unrelated as the hacker claims that we should be thankful he or she is a “whitehat”, which is computer slang for a good guy “ethical hacker who focuses on securing and protecting IT systems”, according to Wikipedia.

Doesn’t sound very ethical to me, though!

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3 Nov 2008 9.18am

i think the problem is that the non musllims all over the world are capitulating.

patrick tan
patrick tan
2 Nov 2008 4.07pm

Hi Anil

I read your blog regularly.

One thing that irks me is that there is no date stamp of each article.

Can you please rectify this flaw?



Dear Patrick, The date can be found at the footnote of each article. I will see if I can make it more visible. cheers Anil

Amirah Shamsuddin
Amirah Shamsuddin
2 Nov 2008 11.19am

There will always be people who live in hate, who love to hate and want to spread hate around. They deserve to be hated.

Andrew I
Andrew I
2 Nov 2008 10.14am

Hacked again, Anil. Please check.

1 Nov 2008 6.34pm

We have all got a responsibility of voicing out what we feel are wrong and to steadfastly defend the right for all parties to express their opinions too. We cannot allow one such incident to mar the entire process. We should continue to practise what we preach. The action of the hacker will only have a lashback on him and the principles he respresents. Just move on…

1 Nov 2008 6.24pm

Dear Anil,

I believe if the opposition can remain united no matter what the BN does to separate it, elections will never be the same again in Malaysia. The target should always be the denying of 2/3 majority and as we go along, the people will start to believe in a 2 party system. By doing this,we can allow space for freedom of opinion.

1 Nov 2008 5.30pm

Michelle, these people get a delusion of achievement and false sense of pride for doing such meaningless thing. However, it also shows that the IT security folks are sleeping at their job.

1 Nov 2008 5.18pm

Sometimes actions like this make me wonder what it is that these people expect to get out of doing what it is that they do.