Aliran Monthly has a digital version!


Here’s a treat for you! Check out the all-new digital version of Aliran Monthly. Aliran is providing the inaugural edition free to all readers in conjunction with the Permatang Pauh by-election. You can experiment and play around with the feature-rich icons inside.

Okay, I am off to Permatang Pauh now!

Meanwhile, Muhammad Firdaus Christopher shares this view from Ground Zero:

Dear Anil & readers,

I have been in P44 areas every night since 16th Aug and I can tell you that these BN … are spending … money on food, food, food. The only activity to be seen in the camps are makciks, pakciks, brothers and sisters all having some good bite (apart from talking trash). They are simply wasting … funds; no wonder they still have an outstanding mammoth bill of RM218M from 2004.

Bottomline, Datuk Seri is gaining more and more votes from the folks here…

Salam Reformasi!

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latest… nalla was booed by people of all races when he tried to approach them in a small community here. he had a crowd of less than 30 listening to his rhetoric when he went up the stage to speak. the media is helping, though. a man in the crowd quipped, “orang ni buang masa kita aja. dahlah bersama anwar dulu, sekarang kutuk dia pula. apa peyakit ni?’

Dr. Hamid Ibrahim



To All Pakatan Rakyat Supporters,

When talking abt food, a fren of mine who are the voter in PP told me that he heard some residents said BN keep on providing free lunch and dinner and they felt ‘pai sei’ if they didn’t cast the vote to BN.

If you encounter this kind of voters, pls tell them they will have to pay thousand times of the price for the food in the future if they cast the vote to BN.


To All Pakatan Rakyat Supporters, The issue of Swear on Quran and personal attack on DSAI from ex-PKR members have strongly affect some of voters support on DSAI. The BN UMNO ministers keeps on emphasize DSAI not dare to swear on Quran to prove his innocent. And many Malay voters had been influence by this. People Power So, if you have relative or friend who are the voter or your friend who have friend who are the voter, pls call them personally and try to explain to them based on below argument to those voters in Permatang Pauh. Ask them… Read more »


foods only? the penangite doesn’t forget all the projects they have cancelled and the demise they have put our country into.

btw, head to MT. RPK has just given out an explosive ‘news’!!!

it’s greater than c4!!!


Think I’ll stick with the hard copy version of Aliran, Anil. This digital magazine may be fine with those with 20″ screens but on a 12″ notebook screen it takes too much effort to digest!

Samuel Goh Kim Eng

Congratulations to Aliran Monthly’s digital version
You certainly have the right foresight and vision
May you continue to report on the actual situation
So that readers can acquire the necessary attention

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 230808
Sat. 23rd Aug. 2008.


desperate, BN has brought nallakarupan and ezam. they get no support, though. exam’s fiery speeches to about less than 50 people last night, among them were reporters. nalla, the desperate man who wanted to contest in ijok back failed and had a fallout with anwar is back with a vengeance. he claims many things but the people are not interested in his stories. both ezam and nall have failed the people here. even PM’s visit was not responded with enthusiasm. only a few turned uo to wish him. no indians seem to cheer nalla. he gets no support from the… Read more »