Aliran makes submissions to PSC on Electoral Reforms


Last week, a six-person team from Aliran turned up at the Dewan Sri Pinang to make their submissions to the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reforms.

Find out what they had to say on the Aliran website.

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Gelakan K, How much does Gerakan/BN pay per day for workers during elections? The White collar work – not putting up posters stuff.
Seriously looking for Part-time work.

Asam Garam

RM3.35 per hour


Plus the benefits thereafter the election

I bukan katak

Automatic registration of people aged 21 years’ old as voters instead of 18 years’ old must be implemented.

Why the gomen so fear of younger batch of voters ??????

You Katak

I bukan katak,
are you ex-yb lim boo chang ?

Gerakan K

*** Clap ***

Finally Anil = Aliran treasurer

p/s: Anil has seen the LIGHT

Asam Garam

Anil as a treasure we believe whatsoever finances (RM & $) are under trusted care and no leakages for Anil (according to my friend who knows him) has a moral standard not seen among those barang naik cronies.
Merry Christmas & Happy 2012 to you Anil.

Andrew I

It’s a position of trust, Gherkin. Not suitable for you.