Aliran to hold four young writers workshops in Penang, KL and Ipoh


Ever fancied writing about current issues? Aliran is organising a series of four writing workshops for youths (18-35) on various topics.

Those interested, may register online. Click on the image below for more details.


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gk ong

Also do not write like Berita Harian that has claimed in today’s edition that Israel’s Mossad is behind the attack of Charlie Hepdo in protest of France recognising the Palestine.


off topic but under cost of living segment :

Middle class in Malaysia wants RM1.9 million for retirement.

Malaysia’s middle class said saving for retirement is a serious challenge, with 33% citing enjoying a comfortable retirement as the most difficult goal to achieve in life, and 53% stating they are worried they will not save enough for a comfortable retirement.

seng tak

Exactly how much is needed for retirement would depend on your lifestyle and lifespan.

Anyway unlikely for an average Malaysian to earn as much as RM1.8million, let alone saving up to that amount in his lifetime unless you are a crony with lucrative contracts courtesy of BN.

This topic needs further discussion in this blog.


RM1.9 million upon retirement at age 55 means one can enjoy about RM5.5K/month for the next 30 years.

To have RM1.9 million savings at age 55 means you need to save about RM3K a month from the moment you start working at age 22.

So this is not a realistic at all for average Malaysians.

gk ong

RM1.9 million can be insignificant if Ringgit continue to depreciate to be on par with Indonesian Rupiah.

ms Charlie xcx

Moderation in thoughts and writings. Seek similarities n common values in diversified cultures n deemphasize differences otherwise the world is gearing towards civilization 3rd world war.


do not learn to write like those in NST.


All the reporters from NST and Star should attend such workshops.

Stylo Logan

Should write more to promote moderation in religious approach.
Already too much religious extremism as seen in the Sydney hostage and the Paris killings in the name of religion.
Malaysia must all support the G25 movement.
Say no to racism and religious fanatism!


The spirit of “Je Suis Charlie” should live on in journalism to promote freedom in writing although there is restriction of pluralism and liberalism by the local authority.

gk ong

Do not be too overzealous in your religious belief. When you have the urge to impose your belief on others or desperate to convert others, you are already been subconsciously radicalized and could become a religious fanatic with little tolerance.

Learn to keep your belief to yourself. Any missionary attempt outside the place of worship could stir uneasiness in present time in Malaysia.