Aliran condemns disruption of anti-Sedition Act gathering


Aliran is appalled at yesterday’s disruption of an anti-Sedition Act gathering at Speakers’ Square in Penang by a group of thugs. (Read the full statement at the link above.)

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Aidil Yunus

The thugs who disrupted the gathering are (allegedly) from these 2 NGO’s – Gabungan Perwakilan Melayu Pulau Pinang (G-PEM) – Gabungan Persatuan Melayu Islam Pulau Pinang (GPMIPP) G-PEM was formed in April this year, and among its 14 local Malay NGOs are Persatuan Mukabuku Pulau Pinang, Persatuan Penarik Beca, Persatuan Wira Bersatu Pulau Pinang, Persatuan Ibu Tunggal Barat Daya and Permatang Pauh and Persatuan Nur Kasih Pulau Pinang. The larger GPMIPP has 51 member groups, including G-PEM and some of G-PEM’s component members as well. GPMIPP is not registered while G-PEM’s registration with the Registrar of Societies (RoS) was approved… Read more »


These hooligans were the same individuals from groups like Perkasa and Umno Youth, who had allegedly caused trouble at the square in February 26, 2012, during a rally to protest the Lynas plant, and more recently in May this year when they trespassed into the state legislative assembly building.


No one should even have waited for this event to take place before he or she can then assume which side the police is with. The police (appears) from day one to be on the side of Umno, period. Now you know why very few Chinese are with the police force in addition to the excuse the police is coming up with that the Chinese do not want to join the police force. How come if that is true thousands of Malaysian Chinese are in the Singapore police force? Do you want to be tainted with being corruption … plus… Read more »


Polis ikut perintah Umno(?)


Must get Tua Pek Kong blessings ! The two trees right at the site of Speakers’ Corner of Esplanade hopefully will be the residence of a Tua Pek Kong to protect the innocents !!!


Do be surprised if BN tells LGE that Speaker’s Square is illegal.

Eng Hock

2 trees codename Ying & Yang each to strike balance (equilibrium) so that negative forces (thugs, mobsters) can be curtailed !


Remember Malaysia made lots of noise when the Serbs attack Bosnia years ago?
Why is Wisma Putera keeping quiet when IS militants is attacking Kobani to perform genocide on the Kurds?


We cannot depend on the police; you can see whose side they were on. These hooligans would not be so bold if the PPS were still around.

Doesn’t it make your blood boil when you think of how the PPS members were rounded up, yet the police did not raise a finger to deal with these hooligans in the mob?!


I thought the police has collaborated with NYPD to spruce up its image?