Bersih 3.0 in Penang is on: Aliran


Aliran held a press conference this morning to announce that a Bersih 3.0 solidarity gathering will be held at Speakers’ Square this Saturday for those who can’t make it to KL.

At the Aliran press conference this morning

See the full statement on the Aliran website.

A search on Facebook reveals that similar events are likely to be held at Johor Baru, Ipoh and Malacca, apart from Dataran Merdeka.

Several dozen cities and towns overseas are also holding solidarity gatherings as well.

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Malaysia needs me.
I’ll be there.

Gerakan K

BERSIH kini bukan BERSIH yang dulu. BERSIH sekarang sudah pancit. Tiada momentum yang diharapkan seperti sebelum pilihanraya yang lepas.

Andrew I

You hope.

Gerakan K

What do you expect when BERSIH kini under the direction of Mr. Anwar ??? To many fence sitters, BERSIH kini = opposition sandiwara !!! BERSIH sudah kurang bersih !!!


Gerakan K.
You should learn from this 70’s commercial. No pretension. Can’t simply buy over brand (vote) with money. Malaysians now are like this housewife in the commercial. And you know what? She hates all kind of dirts, including dirty minds. Which recall our cheap dirty political videos.
Get real, GK. Time’s up for more Bersih. Why not ask your housewife for an honest opinion?
Tide Commercial (1970s):


Hi Anil Sorry to deviate again. Not sure if you read about a property piece in the Star last weekend with pictures of happy families from Singapore living in their beautiful bunglaows. The nice bungalows are in JB, built by a credible developer. These houses appear to go like hot cakes – for S$400,000 (RM1 million plus), one can own a luxurious house from that development. Apparently, these owners f( Malays included) want to enjoy some land and greenery at the sametime entertain their friends and relatives in a spacious homes like these. It saddens me that generrally we Malaysians… Read more »


Proponents of neocapitalism will argue for total privatization of every conceivable work, endeavor & business. Political will / should be kept as minimal interference as a kindergarten kid of no say. Private property is the golden rule untainted in their golden eyes of total freedom to create whatever system they see fit in the pursuit of maximum profits & wealth in the shortest possible time at super-lowest costs. Everything being equal for their privatized conquest has blinded them on purpose the reality of great differences in the social makeup. The less equipped of society to face the digital & information… Read more »

Richie Hee

Johor is attracting Japanese who are scared of earthquake and tsunami in their home country) to take up malaysia My 2nd home in Johor. So the price of properties in iskandar region will definitely go up as the japanese will join singaporeans to snap up the properties at the expense of the locals.


The richie Arabs from Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE to Oman are also thinking of safe havens elsewhere, no thanks to war monger Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Malaysia looks pretty 2nd home with familiar palm trees in KL & sunny weather all year round.
They may buy up many sandy islands with coconut trees. Or they may pay greedy developers to recreate The Palm Jumeirah.
Oh no. Not in Penang!


Bersih 3.0. Newly added power to dig out, expose & clean more dirts in the rotten system, more enlightening awakening in the uninformed minds. Empowers you to know your BASIC rights as a ‘brand’ changer & voter. Present brand power doesn’t want you to know that. Smell the fragrance of renewed hope added for clearer thoughts & refreshingly wiser ‘brand’ voting. A Must-TRY for those new to this belief product, a champion for cleaner, fairer & accountable ‘brand’ voting. See the real life testimonies from last year’s product experience. Read the hue & cry against its effectiveness of upright awareness.… Read more »

Richie Hee


Can you organise a kopi kaw kaw session for all Anil’s readers to meet after the Bersih 3.0 event at Speakers’ Square this Saturday?

name the place and time.

Richie Hee

I shall look for a person with ‘Good Morning’ towel at speaker square as he is likely to be mr tunglang?


tunglang can continue to conceal his identity.
just post the kopitiam during anil’s live feed.
he can continue to walk in free with other participants and nobody will be aware of his identity; unless he starts singing that mongolian classic song 🙂