Splash of green at Bersih 3.0


Much has been written about the yellow shirts of Bersih 3.0 on 28 April, but there was also a noticeable number of green-shirted protesters. Who were they?

The green shirts started gathering at KLCC from as early as 9.00am. At the KLCC, there were two groups milling around: a small group of about 100 from Bukit Koman, Raub protesting against the use of cynaide in gold mining operations there. They displayed pictures of people suffering from rashes, asthma and other ailments in their home town.

The other group of over a thousand people were the anti-Lynas protesters from Kuantan. “Lynas must go home!” they cried.

“We want Lynas out of Malaysia! We want Bukit Koman issues to be resolved immediately,” said a speaker, to loud applause from the crowd. “We don’t want any environmentally hazardous projects in Malaysia.”

Both these groups milled around KLCC including at the small park at the KLCC premises.

By 10.30am, they were joined by a large crowd of Himpunan Hijau supporters. One activist at the scene estimated the turnout at 20000.

The initial plan was to move towards along the now almost deserted roads to the Australian High Commission. But the crowd led by a front-line of maroon-shirted Pas Unit Amal lads found their path to the High Commission blocked by a heavy police presence along Jalan Yap Kwan Seng.

Suddenly, the Pas Unil Amal guys swung around to the left and raced down towards a lighter police cordon along Jalan P Ramlee. Followed by the crowd, they broke through the police cordon, which eventually just gave way, as the endless stream of people surged forward.

Many among the multi-ethnic crowd were young people, suggesting the blossoming of a green consciousness, which was first visible during the 15000-strong anti-Lynas rally in Kuantan on 26 February. The same green-shirted presence was noticeable in the Bersih solidarity gathering in Penang.

Malaysians, especially economic planners, should take note of this emerging consciousness in favour of sustainable development.

Make no mistake: we are witnessing the flowering of an environmental movement for sustainable development in Malaysia. This green movement is not about to go away, and instead, can only grow from strength to strength.

If you were part of Himpunan Hijau @ Bersih 3.0, please share with us your experience there, what motivated you to be there and your hopes and expectations.

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13 May 2012 6.42pm

any photos of umno bukit jalil gathering? would like to see the “crowd”

Pala Richie
Pala Richie
13 May 2012 2.02pm

Ohh Ooo! FMT headline : Malaysians nod for Bersih 4.0, it say “propaganda against Bersih has had the effect it desires on rural folk, but citizens of Kuala Lumpur do not buy it, if a random FMT survey is anything to go by” Another interesting one “Very few people seemed interested in having fun at an entry-free UMNO-organised carnival on Saturday”. No free satay could be the reason. Mahathir said “I am sure Bersih 4.0 [under the Bar Council’s watch] will be free of violence as the demonstrators would not be stopped from breaking rules and laws”. His statement published… Read more »

13 May 2012 10.34am

Green is a cool color.
Even John Cena of WWE is now sporting green t-shirt.

The ‘Rise Above Hate’ message should go to all Umno/Perkasa thugs!

17 May 2012 2.34pm
Reply to  FanQ

Umno is a big bully, just like that Brock Lesnar in WWE!

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
13 May 2012 1.37am

Finally in anil own words, BERSIH 3.0 plus Green protests are lead by PAS Unit Amal. Wow that is interesting !!! Not the old BERSIH anymore. Bersih are pakatan campaign as confirmed by anil.

Andrew I
Andrew I
13 May 2012 2.31am
Reply to  Anil Netto

You give Gherky boy too much credit. After all, he knows nothing.

Pala Richie
Pala Richie
13 May 2012 12.29pm
Reply to  Gerakan K


Yes, more than intersting, it raises hope for a new malaysia. Many opposition parties supported Bersih’s noble cause “free and fair election”.

Not only political parties, during bersih2 already had 67 NGO support (local and international), bersih3 has about 80 cities across the globe shouting bersih! bersih! (correct me if wrong).

It is very unfortunate, BN do not want ‘free and fair’ election. Otherwise it would be definately a new Malaysia after election.

13 May 2012 9.05pm
Reply to  Gerakan K

Still relish in chomping pop corns behind sundry shop counter while others fought for a good cause – tear gas or no tear gas.
You seem to ‘brain’ no difference between what is good and what is disgustingly evil.
Don’t worry.
The gravy trains will not be coming soon after GE13.

TIme for Kopi-O kau kau to ‘brain’ my mind with good, healthy & inspiring thoughts for CHANGE in Putrajaya coming soon to Tanah Air Ku.

Clement Chin
12 May 2012 7.13pm

HIMPUNAN HIJAU 3.0 @ BERSIH 3.0 has staged their anti-Lynas and all environmental injustices campaign at KLCC. Save Teluk Rubiah, Bukit Koman, Raub and Rawang high tension pylon project were there to support Bersih 3.0.
HIMPUNAN HIJAU 3.0 believes that a CLEAN government will ensure a GREEN environment.