Bersih seeks audience with YDP Agong


1900: After a long day, the 24 PSM activists including two teenagers are to be charged under the Societies Act (involvement in an illegal organisation) and the ISA (possession of subversive documents). They have been released on bail of RM8000 each.

1545: Light Strike Force unit stationed outside the Butterworth court premises. Follow twitter in right side-bar for updates. Aliran has released a statement.

1345: The 21 remaining detained PSM activists in mainland Penang have been brought in police trucks to the Butterworth Magistrate’s Court.

1252:The Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih 2.0) will abide by the decree of the DYMM YDP Agong and seek an audience with him to convey their concerns.

A statement was released at a press conference this morning:

BERSIH 2.0 expresses our appreciation for the understanding and support of Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan of the people’s aspiration for electoral reform.

BERSIH 2.0 will abide by the decree of Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan on the urgent need for dialogue and reconciliation, to facilitate the emergence of a national consensus on electoral reforms and democratization.

BERSIH 2.0 seeks an audience with Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan to present the people’s concerns and aspirations for urgent and speedy electoral reforms and democratization in full support of the wish of Duli Yang Maha Mulia Seri Paduka Baginda Yang DiPertuan for national reconciliation.

During the press conference, committee members denounced “in the strongest terms” the detention of six PSM activists under the emergency ordinance. “It is the same thing as ISA,” they say. The family and lawyers of the six will be going to Bukit Aman today. A total of 189 people, including 10 elected reps, have been arrested or detained so far in connection with Bersih 2.0.

Steering committee members have stressed Bersih 2.0 is a coalition of NGOs rather than an organisation and they are campaigning for a cause that has medium and long-term goals i.e. clean and fair elections. There are many other NGO coalitions around championing various causes. “It’s important to recognise that holding peaceful gathering to raise an issue is a part of a healthy parliamentary democracy,” said steering committee member Toh Kin Woon.

Marina Mahathir, speaking on behalf of Sisters-in-Islam, which is part of Bersih 2.0, was scathing: “Only people who are afraid will clampdown on people wearing certain T-shirts. If we’re fearful of words then we are really, really a third world country or less. We should rise above that. Why on earth do we take third world models of demonstrations as our model instead of first world models?”

Najib, meanwhile, has reportedly said the Bersih gathering can go ahead if it is held in a stadium, which the government is willing to make available. “We are willing to provide a stadium for them to rally but why choose to protest in the streets. The government is not against them rallying in a stadium from morning until night. Just don’t hold street protest as it is very risky to the nation,” the Insider quoted him as saying. (Are the yellow T-shirts allowed then?)

This morning, Ambiga met with Badawi in an attempt to resolve the situation.

A lot of other things happening today:

Over in Butterworth, the 21 remaining political activists, plus others who had been released on Friday night, are expected to be in the Magistrate’s Court this afternoon. Lawyers inside and relatives and supporters outside the court premises have been waiting since 8.00am. But the police trucks are still at the police stations and the detainees have not yet been transported to court.

In KL the first day of the inquest into the death of Selangor Customs Assistant Director, Ahmad Sarbani Mohamed is in progress.

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Which ever party win or loss does not matter, as long as the message (Bersih’s call for the 8 points) has been spread out nationally and internationally + it has even got (an audience with) the king.

Bersih could invite BBC, Aljazeera, CNN etc to telecast live the Bersih Campaigns, may be in many stadiums throughout Malaysia. This is a great success to Bersih! What more do we expect and ask for??


not above politics means not to campur in decision of the politicians.

Ayub Razib

Bersih2.0 started well for a move on ‘clean and fair’ election rally for Malaysia. But they were twisted, condemned, poltically accused to link with opposition political parties, foreign elements etc etc. Also,instead other groups such like Perkasa and specially UMNO or BN parties with its members have tried to find way to pressure Bersih2.0 and Ambiga S using force. Worst was the arrest carried out by police and related accusation by Prime Minister suppose to be as leader by eaxample for all malaysian instead treat it politically to bring in UMNO millions as a threat.Also he had falsely tried to… Read more »


Anil and readers

Check this out: Debunking the Bersih 2.0 Critics.


We must have a clear mind and able to draw the line. We will be inviting all sorts of issues and problems not just with the umno cops , their mat rempits , their perkasa , their umno taxi drivers , Class F umno contractors and their various mutants . They want trouble on that day but we don’t. Hey , they are trouble makers . We are not. Purpose of BERSIH and its messages are loud and clear and this clearly jolted those sitting high up in Putrajaya. We even manage to have Ibrahim Ali and all the top… Read more »


perhaps with all this distraction blown off, we will recognize the elephant in the room – that we would be getting a new quota for 30% for women in top levels at private sector.
THAT is the real issue today. if we can’t stop that, we can kiss all hope of revoking the current race Affirmative Action good bye


bail of 8000? … must b blind, deaf n dumno!


Even before the show has begun, Bersih 2.0 has scored a major victory…everyone in Malaysia now are aware of the objective of Bersih….including KOTOR….


I suggest Stadium KLCC, Stadium Jalan TAR and Stadium Jalan Ampang in KL since UMNO marched there in the last two years without police permit.

In Penang Bersih should be allowed to march in the town centre since UMNO did so last week and just after GE 2008

We are all of 1 Race, the Human Race

Gerakan K

Now, Bersih 2.0 is checkmated. No reason for them to run street protest unless they have another hidden agenda !!!

Again, see my 1Malaysia PM Najib excellent approach to handle this issue and made me feel good about his leadership. My vote for BN is not wasted. They have done a good job !!!

Andrew I

Define checkmated.

“Excellent approach”. More like ” too little, too late.” The publicity generated by henchmen like you defines bad publicity and, in this case, is worse than no publicity at all.

Sorry, Gherks, you really need to buy some education with all that money that you claim to have.

Gerakan K

Sorry to disappoint you again. I don’t rely on paper qualification to make money. Poor you. You have to buy education ??? You mean fake degrees ???

You never fail to surprise me !!!

Andrew I

… the usual nonsense you advocate that guarantees you get put in the drawer.


Yes we know that all along, you don`t rely on paper qualification or ability to make money. (Don’t) rely on how to become another kind to get that money and opportunities. How to be like the corruptible UMNO to get money. This is what we want to get rid of. The parasite of another big parasite …

Vincent Lee

Rally at a Stadium…

What about people heading or going to the stadium…There will still be police road blocks…there will still be PERKASA, PERSAKA and PARTRIOT hooligans on the streets…will there be more arrest of people wearing BERSIH T-Shirt? that I’m still wondering…

People will be travelling, by bus, by lrt, by taxi, we will see many with Bersih T-Shirt on the streets. How can the government ensure the safety of participants?

All stadiums in the country should be open on the same day for BERSIH rally if Najib suggest that we can organise it…


Muhyideen, Hisham and the PDRM say that PSM is conniving with foreign powers. Also Bersih is funded by foreign powers! They also say that these powers are Communist powers!

Can we know which these foreign powers are?


I suggest that Muhyideen, Najib, Hisham and the PDRM thoroughly clean out their little brains.


The overreactng by various quarters of BN supporters has given enough positive impact to PR. PR supporters should thanks BN Supporters especially the PDRM who has helped to deliver the political impact. The rakyat now see very much clearly how the country under BN has been unfairly run.


Jibby got outflanked again. What a bunch of low IQs.


Najib must sack Hishamudin for causing so much humiliation to him in this Bersih saga.


You are right. People who know Hishamuddin think he is a useless fella. Not in the class of Hussien Onn.


He is a disgrace to his father and grandfather.


… Bersih 2.0…the scented flower bud is beginning to bloom. Kotor soon will be discarded to the rubbish pit.

Anil, why is it BM has no word for Patriot ah?…so the English language still shines brightly in Bolehland…Shakespears must be laughing in his grave!

M Chen

If a stadium is provided I think Bersih should accept that as fair compromise. Pack the stadium folks.


How many stadiums?

One for each state for the rally to proceed?