7 arrested for defending houses from demolition


Seven people – six residents and an activist – have been arrested while they were trying to stop Kuala Lumpur City Hall from demolishing houses in Kg Jinjang Selatan Tambahan (KTJS), according to human rights group Suaram.

In an urgent alert, the group said it had also received reports that several people were injured during the incident.

Those arrested have been sent to the Sentul District Police Headquarters. They are:

1. Julie Wong (Permas)

2. Selvamani

3. Khoo Tiang Foo

4. Kong Yong Fatt

5. Ng Sheei Kwee

6. Ng Ah Kin

7. Chong Chow Lam

Some background info provided by Suaram:

17 families in Kampung Jinjang Selatan Tambahan have been living there for more than 40 years. The residents who held temporary occupancy licenses until 1997, had been given a final extension until 14 June 2009 to move out. As compensation, DBKL had offered them flats at Batu and RM1,000 to each family. But the money would not even be enough for the extra fittings needed in the new flats.

The Jinjang Selatan residents had been served a notice by the DBKL under the name of squatters of Kg Benteng. But according to the residents they are residents of Kg Jinjang Selatan Tambahan and not Kg Benteng. Kg Benteng no longer exists as the residents there had been evicted by DBKL who managed to demolish their houses to make way for a new road connecting Jalan Kepong to Jalan Segambut.

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kenneth iswara

UM[bn]NO r a gang of billionaires
who will never understand d plight of d poor
they will use d police
arrest d poor n helpless
grab d land
give it 2 cronies dirt cheap
n call it development
just remember pkfz
they will use d… speaker
2 stop even discussion
on 12 billion of our rakyat tax money
all of them r in it 2gether
remember msians
2 throw out these billionaires
in ge13