Save the workers, not the cronies


Some 500 workers gathered this morning to observe Labour Day at Dataran Seremban.

This year’s theme is ‘Economic crisis: Save the workers, not the cronies’.

Civil society and workers groups are demanding:

  • a retrenchment fund with an initial contribution of RM0.5 billion from the government,
  • a stimulus package that really provides jobs for unemployed Malaysians,
  • discussions with banks to reschedule and reduce monthly housing loan replayments for low-income workers,

  • agricultural land for retrenched workers so that they can engage in farming,
  • food vouchers for families who have lost their livelihoods,
  • no reduction in the corporate tax rate of 27 per cent,
  • the fulfilment of election manifesto promises relating to maternity leave, minimum wage, and retirement benefits,
  • a Minimum Wage Act for all workers and an end to the cheap labour policy.
  • the ratification of the ILO Convention relating to domestic workers and other international instruments to ensure that workers’ rights and welfare are protected.
  • the automatic recognition of trade unions and the repeal of laws that discriminate against workers and of any new laws that make it easier for employers to dismiss workers,
  • an end to discrimination against female workers and the enactment of an anti-sexual harassment law,
  • equal rights to be granted to migrant workers and that they be protected from harassment and abuse by enforcement personnel,
  • economic policies that do not discriminate on the basis of race and gender but which are instead based on need and aimed at a fair and equitable participatory model of development,
  • the termination of FTA negotiations with the EU and the US,
  • an end to the evictions of urban pioneers and the repeal of the Emergency Ordinance (Squatter Clearance) 1969 be repealed. In their place, affordable housing schemes should be introduced.
  • an end to the privatisation of basic services such as health and water supply,
  • the repeal of law that oppress and discriminate against workers such as the ISA, OSA and the Trade Unions Act, and
  • a clean, transparent, credible government free from corruption and cronyism.
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They rather save the cronies than the workers as there will be more “benefits”…..!!! That’s why we are called the “workers”……!!!


Not much has been done to help the unemployed.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


“Come to me all those who labour
… and I will give you rest.”
In your storms of life let God be your harbour
For all your efforts you deserve the best

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 010509
Fr. 1st May 2009.