Chor, how about consulting the people?


Housing and Local Government Minister Chor Chee Heung has reportedly said that the recent Penang enactment to restore local council elections is “automatically annulled” as it conflicts with federal law.

Malaysiakini reports him as saying in Parliament “after consulting with the Attorney-General’s Chambers, we found that the (Enactment for Local Elections in Penang Island and Province Wellesley 2012) is invalidated by law.”

Apparently, Section 15 and other provisions in the Local Government Act 1976 supersede the Local Government Elections Act 1960.

Hey Chor, how about consulting the people for a change? Remember them? The people you are supposed to be serving?

If it is in conflict with federal law, then get your Cabinet colleagues to initiate an amendment to the relevant federal law. Simple.

Why are you all so afraid of local council elections? We want democracy at all levels.

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Heng Huat

This Chor has served his Master long enough and it’s time the people voted him off. He cannot solve the plights of his constituency. A basic pasar market cannot be built for toown people then how to do gigger task ???


Agreed with you. With Chor as Alor Star YB, there is no tangible development i.e. the Tunku Yaakop Complex in city centre was left abandoned for 3 decades as an eyesore opposite the Alor Star Tower. At least the PAS government is able to revive the project, settled all dispute on the site to rebuild it into a new hip Aman Central Mall. People in Alor Star will no longer have to travel to Sungai Petani for weekend movies/shopping! As for the Teluk Wanjah wet market, Chor has promised to rebuild it but all remained empty promise for almost 15… Read more »

Gerakan K

Pakatan always conflict with federal law. PAS Hudud also conflict with federal law (ask Karpal Singh if pakatan fanboys don’t believe my words). What’s new with Pakatan ???

Or how to deal with Pakatan ??? Just vote them out !!!


typical gelakan’s response linking every issue with “hudud”; not aware that hudud applies to most who are corrupted, sex maniacs so prevalent in janji apanama belum ditepati camp.


Last nite on Astro AEC ‘News Talk’ (current affairs) program where CSL, LGE and that Penang Gerakan chief (never bother about his name) were interviewed. 1) CSL complained that DAP use foul language although CSL like to use ‘potong’. LGE countered that DAP leaders never utter foul language to CSL. CSL as a MCA leader would lose his standing if he continues to bicker with DAP small fries on trivial matters, instead of facing DAP top leaders on important matters. 2) CSL at age 65 did not want to clearly say if he is competing in the next GE but… Read more »

Pak Rak Yat

It’s common nowledge among Alor Star folks (where Chor supposed to serve) that the way Chor consults the locals are sitting at the coffee shop along Jalan Kota (near his office). MCA way of engaging the public is to be seen in the public like sitting at the coffee shop. That’s the local council concept Chor allegedly wants to engage the people – kopi talk kosong ! Chor & his sidekick Jit Chew work in this manner ???


Remember the other side of Jalan Kota in Alor Star is Bangunan PAS. Nowadays people in Alor Star, including non-malays, have better affinity with PAS than MCA.

Once I saw Chor Chee Heung buying Nasi Lemak (at the kopitiam opposite former Royal cinema in Alor Star). He is so rich and yet so cheapskate, asking the mamak for ‘more sotong’…


Chor Chee Heung is another useless MCA guy.
He has not done anything significant for Alor Star as a YB there.
He (allegedly) secretly told the rich families in Kedah to send their children tostudy overseas, as a way to facilitate migration.


i agreed with you, Cleo.
This Chor could not even work out a win-win plan to set-up a proper wet market building at Teluk Wanjah Alor Star.. That’s empty promise all these years by this tin-kosng ex-lawyer always blame on technicalities (like Wei Ka Siong on chinese school matter).
If Chor can’t even erect a proper mrning market facilities for Alor Star town folks, do you think he is capable of getting “Local Coucil” matter up and running ? No wonder he wants to retire now having being served for far too long !

Andrew I

Gherkin, please tell your master that you want LGE to fulfill his election promises.

Ahmad Sobri

Such politicians especially from sycophants MCA/GELAKAN/MIC are all the same! In order to be in the good books of UMNO they will do or say anything that pleases their political masters! Chor? This guy won Alor Setar by less than 200 votes? His time has come and extra efforts must be put in to ensure his defeat, if at all he is again a candidate come PRU 13! Just like Chua Soi Lek, he asked Lim Guan Eng to apologize to Najib for what is perceived to be MCA’s betrayal of the people of Penang, on the Port issue? We… Read more »

Ahmad Sobri

And such politicians from sycophant parties, going all out to obstruct the reimplementation of local elections, and blaming PR Government for not carrying out their election promises!

Such rogues and liars in Malaysian politics!

You have it folks, and you know know who is made of sterner stuff? More assertive? LOL! Please be assertive Chang to bring back local elections! MCA? This is a party that cannot make a decision or serve without getting a nod from their UMNO masters. Same with MIC and GELAKAn!