BREAKING NEWS: 5 detained at Ipoh DAP office


0820: Police have detained five people said to be from a private event company hired to facilitate a hunger-strike programme and to put up a canopy outside Wisma DAP in Ipoh this morning, reports an eye-witness.

About 20 plainclothes personnel and 50 uniformed personnel are at the scene now.

Another 20 FRU personnel have “taken over” the canopy and are preventing anyone from approaching it. A giant balloon for the launch of the hunger-strike programme has been confiscated.

Two police jeeps, two vans, seven trucks and four squad cars are now parked around Wisma DAP.

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Leong Yook Kong
Leong Yook Kong
26 May 2009 11.36am

I am so stupid that I do not know that FASTING is a crime now. Kerisman, please stop the rots in the “head hunters” without any further delay.

What I know is:- FASTING is carried out by one to cleanse his/her soul from sins committed.

26 May 2009 11.15am

Welcome to 1Malaysia ala Naif Ton Rasa!!

THis is just the beginning…

26 May 2009 10.59am

Just cant fast publicly?…

GP Joseph
GP Joseph
26 May 2009 10.42am

What is this? Are we in a police state?? Why are the plice sticking their nose into EVERYTHING the opposition are doing? Come on, officers.

26 May 2009 10.02am

Another screw up by BN. Don’t they know force works short term. This will make people even angrier and they will be very silent on it….

These Ediots never learn PR or what?

26 May 2009 10.01am

enough is enough. whats with the hunger strike? it can ‘push’ the Sultan to agree for Perak state election? I believe this is one of the exercise for that matter. but come on. enough is enough. I am no UMNO … …, but i’d like to point out that Perak was lost because of inexperience of Nizar and gang. The fact is that he lost the majority in the DUN. the matter of election/ vote of no confidence is just the closure of the main thing. Blaming Najib is like running a cow in a horse racing competition, and i… Read more »

26 May 2009 9.45am

True quality of EyeMalaysia
Beware of the ‘eye’
Beware of the ‘I’ aka ‘ego’
Excessive ego leads to dictatorship
A burning ship is most furious
A burning ship is a sinking ship.
A sinking ship graps for survival at all cost.

Mohd Hisham
26 May 2009 9.43am

im from singapore; following the news of Perak via twitter mostly.

what’s really happening up there?

26 May 2009 9.40am

… Just wait till General Election 13 – we kick out BeEnd and Umno…

26 May 2009 9.35am

Not need to fight these blue uniform … do it the “Tai Chi” way!

26 May 2009 9.14am

wow..begitu cepat tindakan polis apabila program2 yg dibuat oleh PR di Perak. Nampaknya macam ere reformasi..

Ghifari X
Ghifari X
26 May 2009 9.08am

Stricking similarities with the State of Israel. Deny at your own peril:stormed the opening night of a prominent Palestinian literary festival in Jerusalem when they ordered a Palestinian theatre to close.
The week-long festival, supported by the British council and Unesco, was ordered illegal by the Israeli minister of internal security.
Police brought a letter from the Israeli minister of internal security which said the event could not be held because it was a political activity connected to the Palestinian Authority.
If Malaysia BN/UMNO ain’t diffrent what else is?