BN’s last big ceramah


k-terengganu-by-election-005The BN uses a stadium that could fill 20,000 for its last big ceramah last night, complete with a stage for an open-air concert. But just about 3,000 turn up during the time we were there between 9.00pm and 10.00pm

Among the speakers urging the crowd to support the BN is Hishamuddin Hussein.

I finally solve the mystery of the Information Department trailer. You see the vehicle partly hidden by the the bus? See the stripes? This appears to be the same trailer that we spotted parked in town a couple of days ago.

I stroll up the field closer to the vehicle and discover that paper has been stuck on the side of the vehicle to cover up the name of the department to which the trailer belongs. Similarly, other lorries and pick-ups have paper stuck on the sides to cover up the names of organisations.

This was the trailer we spotted in town a couple of days ago.

Why do they plaster paper on the sides of the vehicles used for events like this – unless they are trying to cover up something: the abuse of government property for election campaigning?

A friend later tells me that Najib attended the same function later. He appeared stressed or uncertain as if the outcome was still not a foregone conclusion, says my friend.

We adjourn to a coffee shop filled with Malays; most of them appear to be Pas supporters. From inside the coffee shop, they watch a large screen across the road, put up by a Pas election operations stall, on which Pas leaders are shown giving speeches. We share some sumptuous satay – and then wonder how far we need to walk to burn the calories.

On the way back, we run into a group of Pas supporters, who have wound up their campaigning. They are talking of a majority of 3,000 to 5,000. One of them claims that the Malay vote is 70:30 in their favour. But he is worried that dirty tricks and money dished out could influence the outcome.

Indeed, the ‘chatter’ and rumours of money being splurged over the last two days have been rising.

On the way back to the hotel, we see four police trucks heading in the opposite direction. Where are they going, I wonder. Police continue to make their presence felt. Thousands of them have descended on Kuala Terengganu and traffic police continue to stand by intersections even after midnight.

One analyst tells me the talk is that Pas will probably win by a small majority, even though its campaign has been lacklustre and not as impressive as the last general election. “It has been largely devoid of issues. Instead, all the talk has been centred on the suitability of the candidate.”

It’s 3.00am now and I can hear a police chopper flying outside. What will the day ahead bring? Will there be any dirty tricks?

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17 Jan 2009 2.34pm

i need to change my glasses.

17 Jan 2009 11.59am

Why are there no issues? Is there an understanding between PAS and UMNO on the many policies and practices of UMNO? I wonder …

Tony Wong
Tony Wong
17 Jan 2009 11.35am

Be Ended win through the dark way.

17 Jan 2009 10.52am

its law breaking, aint it, by using federal govt resources for campaigning in an election?
why amI surprise BN never bothers about laws. They are just above it, aint it?

17 Jan 2009 10.45am
17 Jan 2009 10.30am

Anil, why not you took the picture for plaster cover vehicles? The number plate shall be able to tell us the truth.

17 Jan 2009 9.39am

thank you Anil for your blow by blow reportingon the ground!

17 Jan 2009 8.34am

This must be seriously investigated by the Election Commission. It is not a small matter. Since the police have shown that they got enough personnel, it is high time they patrol the neighbourhoods of KL regularly. I am amazed how sometimes, the police got so much personnel for certain events. A few days ago, a baby girl of hardly 1 year old was raped. Not only I was shocked by such a disgusting and cruel act, I was even more shocked that there was no public outcry. Why? I can only presume that such things are very normal here in… Read more »

17 Jan 2009 8.25am

Did our friend bring his keris and wave? It is acceptable if Imfomation Truck is at PAS ceramahs and if not then, what is our taxpayers truck hiding behind just as former Gerakan Minister mentioned about tapper hiding behind the trees.

17 Jan 2009 7.00am

it should be about the candidate and how good they are. Its sad/annoying how much they spend of the RAKYATs money for a political party’s campaigning.

17 Jan 2009 6.40am

Anil – enjoy the crux of the election. Hope all is well. Stay out of trouble, ya?