Blogger Zorro questioned by police


Blogger Zorro has been questioned by police who are investigating what they perceive to be a possible offence under the Sedition Act in his postings. See here and here.

The questioning was carried out this afternoon at the Commercial Crimes Investigation Department headquarters at Bukit Perdana in KL. (‘Sedition’ and blogging fall under ‘commercial crimes’ jurisdiction?) Zorro was accompanied by fellow blogger Haris Ibrahim, a lawyer.

Meanwhile, Aliran president P Ramakrishnan has called for a full panel of 11  Federal Court judges to hear Nizar’s appeal tomorrow on the issue of who is the rightful Perak Mentri Besar. See Rama’s statement here.

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Fellow readers except for GERAKAN K,

Why are we so caught up with this fool called GERAKAN K? To me he is just another clown who does not know how to evaluate and analyse things. All he does is make silly and dumb comments about anything posted in this blog. Obviously he is just trying to annoy us and even trying to influence us with dumb comments. So let’s ignore him. I’m sure we are intelligent enough to snub such idiots!!!

Gerakan K

To Anon,

a rating system = insult to free speech, because PR cybertroopers outnumber fencesitter like me. They can easily suppress view from neutral commentators

Andrew Aeria

Sedition? In a genuine democracy, there is no such thing as “sedition”.


Denial, Denial. People like GK still stuck in the Mahathir propaganda era, has never liberated from the ‘make believe’ years of UMNO. They were being blinded by greed and chose only to echo lies and denial. Any disclosure of corruption, power abuse implicating BN crooks by the rakyat were interpreted as anti government or Pro-Pakatan. It was like these people were put in a dark cave all these years … while the BN elites enjoy endless supply of good food, drinks and party day in and day out at their big mansion. Suddenly Pakatan switch the lights on asking them… Read more »


Mr.Gerakan….ppl r not dump … like you….RPK is away from juditial system (which is perceived as biased) … every educated knew this….did they investigate his S.D declaration? why ? do they fear ?… you have any answer?


Gerakan K is the stereotypical BN… All bark, no bite.

Anil, there should be a rating system in the comments where we can vote on readers comment.


Yang don’t waste your time with this spinless gk n the rest of this kind…


Gerakan K: RPK to a greater extent has been telling the truth and this has been duly supported by documents and other evidences posted on his blog. Even the recent expose involving HRH the Sultan of Perak, he even quoted the lot number of parcels of land and document numbers of timber concessions given out. Have them checked out if you that these are false. But above all, after all the allegations made about Najib/Rosmah, why aren’t these two taking RPK to court for libel? Unless they fear the truth will be made known in an open court. If I… Read more »

PR Man

Yang, I think we should leave this Gerakan K … guy out of our conversation. These Gerakan people are today opposition in Penang where they once ruled, and opposition outside the State Assembly, because the Penangnites wiped them out for good, totally annihilated them from the State. Today, they are as good as only opposing multi lingual sign boards, and spinning that LGE declined a USD 3billion investment, at the same time intentionally or otherwise ignoring the fact that KTK, oh, my, look at his pathetic sight on TV, had also declined previously as they do not have the skilled… Read more »

Gerakan K

Teoh Beng Hock = suicide or homicide still pending

If whatever said is based on truth, you can escape jail. Nevertheless, baseless accusation never escape jail sentence.


and TEOH BENG HOCK ….!!!!!

Gerakan K

This is the price that you must pay when making wild allegation without any solid proof. RPK has done it and run away from court proceeding. The brave LGE also done it but face the consequences. Now, it is Zorro turn. Karma! Karma! Karma!


RPK dares to tell the truth even on the excess of the royalty. LGE dare to tell the truth to protect an innocent Malay girl. Zorro dare to tell the truth. Anil is a bit protective. Do you dare GK ???….. You and your Gerakan KTK and LKY dare not even say that Malaysia is a SECULAR COUNTRY although the Constitution says so. You dare not even object when 15,000 bibles were confiscated and yet the bible was sold in Indonesia that has a 90% muslim population. What wild accusation. Tell me >>>… Perak, Port Klang, Bakun, Sabah overbill, Khir… Read more »