‘Best democracy’ pulls plug on Undilah


Local stations have been reportedly directed not to air a video calling on the public to register as voters and exercise their right to vote.

Strange, I thought Najib’s announcement of the repeal of the ISA was supposed to make us the “best democracy”.

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MCMC also pull the plug of NTV7’s Siasat Mandarin last Thurs on the report of poor people in Sabah?

Ironically NTV7 sare not siasat this matter.


When will BN ever learn that when they make a big deal out of something which could have passed on fairly quietly, it instead becomes a big hoo-ha and attracts everyone’s attention. Whereas the ‘issue’ probably wouldn’t have had gotten nearly as much coverage had they just let the damn thing happen. Bersih and this now issue of an ‘anti-government’ video are clear cases in point. I mean, so what if there are ‘subliminal’ anti-establishment messages? As so far as I can tell, everything else being pushed down my throat is pro-establishment. So? They will never learn that people can,… Read more »


The conservative clan within Umno is out to sabotage Najib’s effort.
Pak Lah had suffered the same fate (although he was very unclear in his reform in the first place). Najib is not bigger than Umno, or Perkasa for that matter.


Dont believe in liars where you are promise million for schools but pull the plugs on the truth just like the above and NTV7 siasat


You know. All these promises by Najib. There are no intentions to keep them. A politician and his words are soon parted.


In the digital world of the Internet and social media — and that includes the humble cellphone — Squashing Something Just Makes It BIGGER. So all the king’s horses and all the king’s men ain’t gonna stop the spread of the message. Any digitised message.

It’s great that Najib’s advisors still don’t fully grasp that – or, more likely, don’t know how to stop the spread. They should also bear in mind that two can play at the game: you can do DDOS, so can (others). Only better. …

Syiok Syiok

another soundtrack video from nasi lemak 2.0 showing various cultural facets of malaysian lifestyles featuring David Arumugam of The Alleycats :

UNDIlah untuk masa depan yang lebih cerah & bersih !

Syiok Syiok

This video was shown on 8TV last nite right after The X-Factor.
If nasi lemak 2.0 the movie is reported to be banned early this week , then a lot of us will surely miss this rasa sayang song in the movie.

Nasi Lemak 2.0 OST – Rasa Sayang


I strongly recommend Nasi Lemak 2.0.

It is a good satire mocking fun at our society.

Any race can enjoy as it features talented local artists like Adfin Shauki, Adibah Noor, David Arumugam, Reshmonou and Patrick Teoh.

Aranda Del Rio

I like the part where that Shauki guy said that it was stressful to work in the city (kerja, kejar..) and is contented to fill his 4-wife quota to live comfortable in the kampung.


Democracy in Bolehland means,… freedom of getting rich j…
… UMNOputras,having the gift of the gap but, lacking in grey matter…
Democracy is long dead and gone…thanks to our political beggar parties…MCA, MIC and Gerakan.


Flip-Flops & U-Turns.
That’s ‘kinda-kind’ democracy made in Boleh Land since Apanama burnt the Lalangs. Don’t expect more than a pink lip service.
To all that have not yet registered to vote, do it now or risk your future to ‘Jungle Democracy’ of the ruthless and dirts (Kotor).

najib manaukau

Surely you know this is all a votes catching show by Najib, and the end results will show what a charade it is. Just like all the ‘big’ announcements Najib has made in the short period be became the P.M..
Remember he wasn’t voted as a P.M. just like his father …

Andrew I

Next best thing to a democracy, where you can give development money away like it’s your own, don’t see the need to resign ever, hog the mass media and expect leaders of real democracies to treat you as an equal.

I remember someone who realized that not all compliments are what they seem to be.


MCMC we demand an explanation for the ban. It’s totally a childish act and an abuse of power.


MCMC yang ikut perintah Rais is really a disgrace to the best democracy of the world.


Watched the video again after the news of it being pulled and there is a suggestion of disatisfaction with the status quo, by implication the BN government. Can very well understand why it has been pulled.