Bersih 3.0 raises hopes for a new Malaysia


Victor Chin showcases the astonishing diversity of voices on the streets during the Bersih 3.0 rally in KL – giving us a glimpse of a more inclusive Malaysia in the making.

While Najib and the BN and Pemandu, with a large budget at its disposal, try to promote an artificial top-down vision of national unity, Bersih 3.0 with minimal resources showed us what is possible when people on the ground come together in genuine unity for an unselfish and noble cause.

A new Malaysia – of peace, harmony, justice, compassion and respect for the environment – is possible.

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3 May 2012 3.46pm

France reported going to get a new government based on latest public sentiments of 54% vote not for Sarkozy (and submarine scandals).

If election is hld in early June, high chance without hanky panky a new ownership at Putrajaya.

Now Najib is pondering new date for election but personally i think he should wait for Bersih 4.0

What say you ?

Andrew I
Andrew I
3 May 2012 4.13pm
Reply to  Maverick

Wait for Bersih 4 to redeem Bersih 3 oversights.

Pala Richie
Pala Richie
3 May 2012 5.49pm
Reply to  Maverick

Najib is busy, very busy. French court is on the Scopene sting and pulling Altantunya’s string. No time for election … something bigger than bersih, made in France, on the way to his Putrajaya…. Let see how big Najib’s mouth can be.

5 May 2012 10.23am
Reply to  Maverick

The new presiden Hollande will not have any baggage like Sarkozy and will expose the inner workings of the Scorpene deal. Najib will have sleepless nights.

Malaysia’s press freedom ranking has slipped. Not surprising considering the bias reporting on NST/Utusan/The Star, that has resort to sex tales to sell. Even Astro is biased in its censorship of BBC reporting on Bersih 3.0. Rais may score point in BN KPI but is a joke to rakyat.

Pala Richie
Pala Richie
3 May 2012 3.15pm

On March-06-2008, Anil written “Massive 60,000-strong rally in Penang raises Opposition hopes”

On March-08, opposition DAP became state goverment.

Today May-03-2012, Anil write “Bersih 3.0 raises hopes for a new malaysia”

Lets see by next GE, if we get a new malaysia. Lets get our finger crossed.