Bersih 3.0 images you won’t see in the mainstream media


These scenes depict a new Malaysia blossoming in the unity of purpose at Bersih 3.0 – but don’t count on seeing these images in the mainstream media.

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A poignant reflection of Bersih:


Our Kementerian Pertahanan (Defence Ministry) should now stop buying Submarines, Tanks, Jet Fighters to waste money as (we are now told) human beings like Bersih 3.0 itself can overthrow the government.

Looks like our defence budget can now be slashed heavily to save rakyat money. Just need to buy cheaper tear gas and baton to whack people now they are the major threat to the government.

Pala Richie

Get our fingers crossed, today france is heading for presidential election. ‘Sarkozy faces defeat as France heads to polls’ the headline.

After the defeat and withdrawal of presidential immunity. Nicolas Sarkozy may be prosecuted on several charges simultaneously. One of them is the case of Karachi, for the scorpene submarines.

Familiar with scorpene submarine, altantuya, suaram and french court.. we are inching closer by day, to kwow what transpired in our 2 scorpene subs purchases.


Hollande is giving Najib nightmare real soon!

Pala Richie

In superman 3, the bad guy says something like this “Technology control the world, not human. Rome conquered the world by leading in road and transport, British – ship, America – atomic bomb” Many 3rd world government practicing media control to hold to the power. Until recently, the up springing of Arab countries, most deadly weapon were deployed, the internet technology :- facebook, tweeters, youtube, etc., the WMD for autocratic government. Our beloved boleh-land, we have TV1,2,3, the political medias, since Mahathir’s era, these media have evolved from gov. censoring to self censoring. We (use deliberately) believe M’sian can’t handle… Read more »

Gerakan K

Pala: “The world has evolved and changed since the WMD, except BN’s”

Why change if present BN formula accepted by the MAJORITY of the people ??? PAS hudud formula is no good. Reject it with full force !!!

Pala Richie

What is majority?

Take 2008 as example, EC defined the majority as 18% of total voters (at selected consitituencies). Why change?, really.

If you say hudud is no good, how about BN’s corruption.

I think hudud is not really fair, how could you chop off hand for stealing, if was the brain to be choped not hand.

Andrew I

That’s why Gherky is afraid lah, never mind it is a small brain.

Ha Ha Ha

BN is corrupted and devoid of fresh clean strategies to counter the rise of Pakatan favoured by majority.
Latest … move is to use the sacred Islam to ban people to gather like Bersih 3.0 as Haram….


GK either blidnd or moron. PAS hudud is no good but BN Islamic nation is good. And he don’t understand that hudud is part of Islamic.

semuanya OK kot

Fascism (capitalism and those in power working together) is no different anywhere. Those willing to stop worshipping the West should take off their rose-coloured glasses and look at (a) what people there are protesting and (b) how “democratic” authorities are desperately trying to suppress this message. The problems and complaints are the same in West Asia, North Africa, Southern Europe, Britain, Ireland and USA. Joblessness, homelesssness (remember, they have winter) and lack of food is FAR worse there than here. Does this mean we wait till it gets worse? What capitalism is doing to some of us may be reversible,… Read more »


Prominent bloggers like Anil etc continue to highlight the significance of Bersih 3.0; and this give BN gomen strategists many sleepless nights ?

Danny Choy

All peace loving Malaysian, keep moving on against the repulsive force of brutality


It’s truly heartwarming to see multi-racial Malaysians coming together in unity for a good cause…indeed hope for a new Malaysia:)


here are good information that local MSM never tell us:


Do you mean Lame Stream Media.


Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 have effectively demolished Umno’s ability to use the terror of ethnic violence to curb dissent. The multi-ethnic rallies of July 9 last year and 28 April this year showed Malay and non-Malay demonstrators sharing camaraderie and mutual support when faced with boots and batons, tear gas and noxious chemicals fired from water cannons. However, UMNO goons mass gathering from May 11 to end on May 13. So they still resort to old apanama tricks to frighten the non-Malays while to the Malays Bersin 3.0 has just been declared HARAM from their religious interpretations. Weep for Msia… Read more »

Richie Hee

Ask yourself why BN is against clean and fair election?

How can a peaceful rally topple the government when the police and FRU are in full force?

Check up the courage of this guy in straw hat at the Bersih 3.0 Rally:


I am glad Anil gave this straw hat hero an honor in a separate column. He is the hero of Reformasi. BN’s mainstream media chose to ignore such peaceful demonstration in its reporting!