Bangsar folks urge DBKL officers to act impartially (Videos)


Bangsar residents were filmed urging DBKL officers to act impartially when the latter removed flags bearing PKR colours from a roundabout in Lucky Garden.

Watch from 5:37.

One thing is clear, many ordinary people are willing to speak up for their rights and against what they perceive to be unfair action.

These are no longer the passive folks of the past.

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19 Apr 2013 4.38pm

The DBKL officer said that he “mintak maaf ” & ” Saya susah nak jawab”
He cannot answer and were just following orders from the top.
And it look like the Bangsar Baru people are really united.

***How much longer must rates payers wait in order to elect the Datuk Bandar / Town Hall mayor?

18 Apr 2013 6.08pm

Beware! Umno is now angry. Very angry. And umno will retaliate.

Anyway, we are not afraid. What’s umno anyway. Nothing!

18 Apr 2013 10.52am

Received this from my niece yesterday. DBKL has issues with the small yellow, red, blue and white flags but this traffic hazard, they allow. Same roundabout. It makes me cry for my country, IMG-20130417-WA000.jpg

Gerakan K (Team)
Gerakan K (Team)
18 Apr 2013 9.21am

Seriously, people are fedup with HIT & RUN politician. Once elected, it goes MIA (missing in action) and regularly talking BS in press but no service to own constituency.

I can not imagine many people with such naive believe in believing that such video will have any effect on election.

Hitting the wrong areas will not bring any damages to BN. Instead, this NONSENSE will make fencesitters to vote BN instead. As usual, the … supporters will do things in … way.

Everything as predicted will go smoothly for BN. 1Malaysia vision will go on.

17 Apr 2013 11.14pm

Allow me to express my greatest admiration for these Bangsar residents. It is touching, it is meaningful and it has shown justice and bravery in the truest sense of these words.

simon templar
simon templar
17 Apr 2013 10.42pm


17 Apr 2013 9.50pm

people’s power…ubah

17 Apr 2013 9.40pm

It sounds a lot like RNC machinery at work…Scary isn’t it how far his reach is..

John Roland
17 Apr 2013 9.15pm

People you guys are doing right. Although the DBKL officers are carring out their duty but “selective duty”.
Salute you guys. Yes! thats the way to go to claim back our contry.


17 Apr 2013 6.51pm

Credit to the Bangsar residents : young + old of every race featured in these 2 videos & that this “tug-of-war” skirmish over the mini-flags ended peacefully with the retreat of DBKL officers .

If every citizen plant 10 mini-flags , we will have 280 millions to “Occupy Malaysia” + reclaim a nation hijacked by … Dr M + his racist policies that has degenerated the country into a banana republic .

Mlaysian In Action
Mlaysian In Action
17 Apr 2013 6.17pm

The different between RNC and Nurul is so clear.

We just cannot afford for her to lose. They will do whatever to try stop her political career.
She represent the future. Our Malaysian Light of Hope..

17 Apr 2013 6.59pm

If BN can betray OTK, then it can betray rakyat. Winnable Candidate is a term abused in BN.

najib manaukau
17 Apr 2013 3.31pm

This is only a true refection of the true reasons of why we need to kick the morons out of Putrajaya, the country is filled with all these morons who act and behave as though the country belongs to them. Enough is enough just vote Umno out of Putrajaya and you can be sure the actions of these morons will change for good.

17 Apr 2013 2.55pm

Blatant attempt to bully Rakyat. More votes for Nurul

17 Apr 2013 2.53pm

Rnc is cik2 adi.
The malay, chinese and indian, old, young,boy ,man, girl, lady the people took on the ‘force’ of dbkl. rajanongcik and bn cant buy this level of support ! will never !
rnc … maybe lose deposit. THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT PAID .rnc ! Its for the love of nurul izzah .

17 Apr 2013 2.34pm

Look at Pakatan in Penang. The govt is fair and square unlike these UMNO BN goon.
No matter what free food or bias, BN UMNO and their sycophants in KL will still lose big this time