On eve of general assembly, Pas at a crossroads


Mat Sabu in Penanti

Mat Sabu is one of the contenders for the Pas deputy presidency – Photo by Anil Netto

Pas holds its 55th general assembly this week.

The party is now at a crossroads. As it aspires for federal leadership together with its Pakatan allies, Pas will have to decide and discern which direction it should take: towards a more inclusive and democratic Malaysia or towards a conservative theology that will alienate it from non-Muslims.

Aliran member Farish Noor looks at what is at stake, ahead of the assembly here.

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Mani U. Right

Mat Sabu

Rupa macam …


Tapi nak bertanding jadi naib presiden PAS

Pegi bercukur dan bergunting dulu la Mat Sabu

Phua Kai Lit

Towards an “Islamic Social Democracy”?