Anwar re-enters Parliament as PR MPs thump approval


Heard from an eye- witness that Anwar has returned to Parliament to a rousing welcome from Pakatan MPs.

Wan Azizah was seated in the VIP area of the viewing gallery to witness the proceedings this morning. Also present was Nurul Izzah.

On the Umno side, Abdullah and Najib were not seen while only Nazri and a few other Umno MPs were present.

Inside Parliament, Lim Kit Siang, just before raising a question, welcomed Anwar back to Parliament after a long absence. Pakatan MPs thumped their tables in approval.

The lobby area was swarming with people.

Anwar is now Parliamentary Opposition Leader after having been sworn in as MP today.

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Dear Datuk Seri Anwar, I waited for 10 years for this oh-so-sweet moment. The day you were sacked from the government, humiliated & thrown into jail was the saddest day of my life. Now, you have come full circle. Matured over the years, mellowed but still retained the fire in the belly to champion the cause of the rakyat even though you’re seated on the opposition side, for now. Rest assured, honourable leader, that your time sitting on that side will only be temporary. God willing you will be in Pak Lah’s chair soon. Only then I will tell my… Read more »


Heard that our sleepy flipflop guy and C4 were not present.
Well. either the sleepy flipflop guy must be still in his slumberland zzz…….. and C4 do not have the cheek to face the rakyat in parliament.
Hope that DSAI will speak for the rakyat and hammer these ruling … for their wrong deeds in parliament till kingdom comes.


Welcome back DSAI! We really need someone who can speak for us without fear or favor.God Bless you and your family.


Now lets see whether UMNO MPs dare to tell DSAI to leave Malaysia if he is not happy with government’s policies.This is karma,you reap what you sow.

alan cheong


Now the work begins in earnest.
Beware that you do not deviate or the Living God can use AND remove you as He did nebuchadnezzar.

All the best.

[quote]On the Umno side, Abdullah and Najib were not seen while only Nazri and a few other Umno MPs were present.[/quote]
… pengecut.



My family & I are so proud to have you & PR free us from the bondage of the BN… headed by two incorrigible idiots AAB & Najib Razak. We would also like to congratulate your hardcore backbone which is Wan Azizah & Nurul Izzah for sticking to you through thick & thin all the obstacle you have face which had affecting them & your other children. I always belive in this phrase “Love Conquers All” & “Honesty Is The Best Policy”. Congrats again DSAI, May God Bless You & Family Alaways


the final climate is now officially playing…


the warrior has finally gotten the invincible sword…


It s good to see a man struggle and injustice served to him finally make get ahead of what he stands for. We Malaysians hope that all the promises made by Anwar will not be a clone of the Abdullah and gang ‘ Work with me not for me’rhetoric. We hope that Anwar will fulfill the promises of the rakyat that support him and not feel betrayed like the UMNO government betraying its people. The first thing the opposition must do is get rid of the few family controlled UMNO government and those who are party to it. AS you… Read more »


YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should try this Westminster Palace Tradition by asking those MPs sitting behind Pak Lah to stand up and walk silently to the Front Row of the Opposition Bench. Enough MPs exceeding 111, YB Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim should request for leave from the Speaker of the House for him to be driven by Ms Sloone, to the Istana Negara. Whereupon, DSAI shall inform the Agong that DSAI now commands the Confidence of the Majority of the House to form a new Government of the Pakatan Raayat. Ustadz Pak Lah shall be denied the privilege of… Read more »


You deserve it YAB!

Me totally agree with Vimal. you have been ‘washed’ and ‘tuned’ to the core to be a great man. Now me totally believe you are ready to lead us to greatness.

Bring us along! we need you! dont dissappoint us..
please… if not you, who else?


Congratulations! well done DSAIand people of PP. Also not forgetting the 2 ladies behind DSAI, you are so TOUGH! God bless….


Sitting face to face with Dollah .. Is time to challenge him tommorow when he present the budget 2009 ..


Saiful, thanks to you too.

Welcome to parliament DSAI


Yang Berhormat DSAI, Congratulations. Each and every event in life has a meaning, has a reason. Don’t you agree are better person now compared to 10 years ago? God always has a plan for each and everyone. God wanted you to see the world from a different perspective. You only know who is a friend and who is a foe during bad times. I truly believe you are much better person now and I believe you would be the best prime minister this country had. Be prepared for more challenges, anticipate the struggles ahead of you and make preparations to… Read more »


Allow me to dedicate one of the greatest love songs ever written from Anwar to his wife.

It’s called “Would you mind?” by Earth, Wind & Fire from their 1977 “All N All” album.

Go check it out!


Congrats and welcome back to Parliment DSAI.

Time to “gegar” the Parliment and always remember your promise to the rakyat. Enjoy the moment and make the changes soon.

Anxiously waiting!


Welcome back to DSAI.

You carry the hope of the Malaysian Rakyat with you. May GOD grant you the wisdom and strength to carry out all that is needed to save this beloved nation of ours. Stray not from the path and we, the RAKYAT, will support you all the way.



Dollah Chicken! Najib Chicken! Ponteng aje!!!

Protes DI SINI ! 😀


All our love to wife and daughter. They held the fort for so long. The real untouchables.


congratulation to DSAI for returning to Dewan Rakyat in style by winning P44 with a bigger margin

renaissance.MY’s last blog … Anwar In Parliament


Congratulations! Welcome to Parliment DSAI.