Another Speakers’ Corner opened in Penang


A second Speakers Corner was opened in Penang, this time on the mainland, on the same day as Anwar’s acquittal on Monday.

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The MPSP had spent some RM700000 to restore the unkempt 6500-square-metre open space, now known as Tugu Kota Demokrasi Bagan Park, at Taman Cantik (near the Petronas station along Jalan Permatang Pauh) in Mak Mandin, Butterworth (see map for directions from the ferry terminal). (I wonder why not at the Butterworth esplanade in Bagan though.)

From what I hear, anyone can speak on at any time (until 10.00pm), any day. It might be better to have designated days and time, so that people know when speakers are likely to be holding court. Perhaps it can coincide with the Kedah weekend as well to make it easier for folks from the neighbouring state to check out the action. (The Speakers’ Square on the island is open on Wednesdays and Sundays, but most of the crowd is there on Sundays.)

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was reported in The Star as saying that an anonymous private company had sponsored RM600000 to develop the park under their corporate social responsibility programme.

Which private company is this?

During the ground-breaking ceremony last year for the second Speakers’ Corner, the state government’s website reported Guan Eng as announcing that MMC-Gamuda would be sponsoring RM607000 as part of its CSR programme.

MMC-Gamuda had run into problems in the last few years with the Penang state government over its railway double-tracking programme. It was fined RM7.4m in 2009 (Bernama).

According to latest company Annual Reports, Syed Mokhtar Shah bin Syed Nor Al-Bukhary has a 51 per cent indirect interest in MMC, while among the substantial shareholders of Gamuda is Raja Dato’ Seri Eleena binti Raja Azlan Shah.

Hmm … I can’t help thinking about what happened in Perak. Maybe Perak can now have a Speakers’ Corner under the fabled Democracy Tree.

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mal berkat
13 Feb 2012 1.56pm

bravo… but not many people even in padang kota lama.

mal putrajaya
14 Feb 2012 10.29pm
Reply to  mal berkat

you can take 702 from Penang Sentral.

Andrew I
Andrew I
12 Jan 2012 10.35am

Good morning, this is how to self-inflict lower sales and lose your own hair because of the resulting stress:

Andrew I
Andrew I
12 Jan 2012 10.50am
Reply to  Andrew I

cc. off the beaten track Wong
and boh hoot alias boh mor

Gerakan K
Gerakan K
11 Jan 2012 8.31pm

… Remember that sedition act still applies for everyone utters seditious statements.

Think before you speak there. You could be jailed under the sedition act. I don’t feel proud for any ex-convict such as LGE and others.

Andrew I
Andrew I
12 Jan 2012 12.31am
Reply to  Gerakan K

Oh, didn’t know you had any pride.

Metro Squad
Metro Squad
12 Jan 2012 7.08am
Reply to  Andrew I

sedition act subject to umno/perkasa court interpretation.
when pakatan resides at putrajaya, a new and more open interpretation will be adpoted such as not to create divide n rule policies along racial lines; and that religions & kesultanan will always be respected not being used as tools to create apartheid policies in Malaysia.

Ahmad Sobri
Ahmad Sobri
12 Jan 2012 3.32am
Reply to  Gerakan K

How can you feel proud of your ownself when you do not even pride your ownself in what you write, let alone feeling proud for others? You are one in 10 Malaysian Chinese in Malaysia who supports GELAKAN/MCA/MIC/UMNO! The other 9 or 90% Malaysian Chinese supports Pakatan Rakyat. At the rate the community is moving towards Pakatan, even Johor may see a change in its State Administration. Thank you, UMNO/PERKASA/PERKIDA, but, looking at the many videos available, even PERKASA/PERKIDA cannot stop the tens of thousands of those who supported justice on 901. Tens of thousands were stopped from entering Putrajaya… Read more »

Sergio Rooney
Sergio Rooney
11 Jan 2012 3.15pm

Speakers’ Corner encourage Speak Out In The Public – an event which certain regime we know does not encourage for fear of people get to know more truth (nothing but truth) that their machineries are trying to cover up !

Andrew I
Andrew I
11 Jan 2012 2.17pm

Haha, Gherkin, another hangout for DAP machais. Gherkin machais must also go and counter. Got any plans this Sunday?