Another dramatic day in Ipoh tomorrow


Police personnel comprising special civilians, plainclothes police, and light strike force units are mobilising around the State Secretariat building in Ipoh, according to ousted Perak Mentri Besar Nizar Jamaluddin.

Goodness, what’s happening?

Oh, it’s just another sitting of the Perak State Assembly, scheduled for tomorrow. – Photo of previous sitting by Kinta Kid

Who are they protecting the State Assembly building from? What does it tell you when they need to mobilise so much security for a simple state assembly sitting?

Meanwhile, Pakatan reps can expect to be stripped of their electronic devices at the entrance to the hall tomorrow, or they could be barred from entry, Nizar tweeted today.

For some of the issues ahead of the Assembly, have a look at Kinta Kid’s blog here.

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Robert Teh

Give Peace A Chance!

Wait for the next State Elections and let the People of Perak decide – not the Courts – whom they want to govern their State.

But honestly, I am sad for the people of Perak whom have been robbed of the government they had democratically elected the last State Elections.

This is only my opinion.


All I hear from the Malaysians are “Wait”, “Tunggu”.



Wait until your cucu time and Malaysia turns into Zimbabwe, and your cucu still wait.


Thats why we must have change. It seem that you have change, Pearl. Are you the same one

Cheng Poh Heng

Yes, it is going to be another circus, with the Clown as the … ‘MB’, a fake ‘Speaker’ presiding over 3 ‘frogs’, and now Keshvinder, the independent ADUN, among others!

Malaysia is Zimbabwe by another name. A so-called democratic nation in a most sorry and sordid state (pun intended).

Perakians must remember this and Altantuya at GE 13.

Cheng Poh Heng


Zimbabwe is also a “democratic” country.
Zimbabwe courts are also “unbiased”
Mugabe also was “elected freely”

But in reality, Zimbabwe is a bankrupt nation, plundered dry by it’s ruling elite, who are so called “democratically” elected, where the poeple are intimidated by thugs (for) the ruling party to enforce the whims & fancies of the ruling elite. The Zimbabwean courts rules in favour of the ruling elite & the police are subservient to the ruling elite.

Beware, M’sia. We are very close to being another Zimbabwe.


The circus is back in town, “The greatest show on earth”! Special Act, the … Clown with his ‘frogs
‘doing, dancing …

Phua Kai Lit

Malaysia is not a police state?


… HAHAHAHA! What colour your tongue and why does your breath smell like a stagnant drain, Gerakan K?

Gary Tan

Tmrw we working at Bandar Ipoh Raya will have to take a big turn to Ipoh town after going in by going throught Maxwell Road. Do you think is fair to we tax payer ?

Gerakan K

Please behave lah YBs !!!

The Sultan and court already decided.

Please do your works and stop any cheap publicity stunts.


Democracy has not decided. There is no vote of confidence as in accordance with the rules and law and as such the current government is ILLEGITIMATE


Is this what we pay tax for ?


Pearl, You should be asking that to … the… PM and UMNO on how he will use the … means by grabbing power without going through a vote of no confidence which in that case is USURPING DEMOCRACY. And that is USURPING THE DEMOCRATIC RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE. When you are an USURPER how can there be a truly 1 Malaysia…


This is why I don’t pay tax. I would work and pay tax if I thought it wouldn’t be used for this.


Dear Sean, even you dont work but still pay tax for the daily need…mind you.


You’re right of course. To be fair to anyone else considering the self-harming of a boycott, one only needs to look at Burma with their insistence that no foreigner spends any money there (to keep it out of the hands of the junta) to see how well boycott is going for them. I will contemplate the deeper meaning of your comment and perhaps next week I will have an end of boycott party, where I will buy the biggest bottle of champagne and 5 minutes with the highest-listed celebrity on Google image search that I can afford. The trouble is… Read more »


Dear Sean,

Certainly i get your points right deep in the South China Sea…but frankly Sean…i rather have a bottle of guiness stout with one straw will definately o.k to me..cause l like black beer most..Thank Sean..We know whom to vote for the sake of a better Malaysia in the near future..Vote out the be-end / bn regime..