Another ceramah stopped


While Najib is talking about change etc, another Pakatan ceramah in Sg Tinggi in the Bukit Gantang area is stopped. This from Wong Kah Woh’s blog:

There were at least 4 FRU trucks standby even before the Ceramah started. I couldn’t understand if they don’t have any other better things to do. After the speech by MB and YB Kesavan, the Police started to interfere and asked the crowd and the loud speakers to be confined into the Hall. Yes, we complied with.

Yet, after 10 mins, the FRU trucks starting coming forward and warning to disperse was given. I went to argue with them that we have complied with every order of the police with regards to the conduct of the ceramah, yet, they have failed to keep their promise.

The ceramah had to be stopped even before myself and Dr Lee Boon Chye were able to speak. When the crowd which comprised of almost 50% of women and chidren leaving, the FRU personnels marched on and started to shout. What is the point to do such provocation? People are leaving peacefully and yet the FRU are actually the one blocking the traffics and blocking the ways for the crowd to go out.

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Aniletto, it was troublesome for rakyat who were trying to get together peacefully and listen to their MB’s ceramah regarding whats happening in perak BUT they were forced to stopped unreasonably. This was a dirty political game played by the umno/bn. My opinion is, they are jealous and narrow minded when watching different ethnics get together happily because thats what they do not want to happened. All they want is war and fighting each other among us Malaysians so that they can gather the issue to raise their vote in PRK Bkt Gantang. That’s the reason y, the ceramah in… Read more »

anna brella

So boringly predictable aren’t they when it comes to those…… PRIORITIES?

Has the AG, Home Minister or IGP arrested/charged anyone from the PRDM yet for inhumanly beating, torturing, starving and murdering that poor young and innocent Malaysian citizen KUGAN ANANTHAN?

Or is that grotesque killing in police custody just another NON-IMPORTANT case for these three apparently desensitised public servants and so has been conveniently swept under that by now stinking to high heaven PRDM police brutality carpet?

“Imagine Power To The People” John Lennon.


Lu orang Islam. Tapi saya rasa saya lebih faham pasal Islam daripada you. You spell hudud pun salah. Lu bikin malu jadi Melayu/Islam tapi lu tah faham Islam. Hudud involve 7 great sins. It is only applicable onto Muslims. There are other things in islamic jurisprudence other than hudud – they are qisas, takzir (more/less similar to civil/penal code) etc. Please meet religious teachers and learn my friend. Your comment on Tabika Kemas shows that you only read Utusan Malaysia. It is not true. Your comment on 999-years title (99 years in fact) also shows that you are an ignorant… Read more »


We perakian, and Bt Gantangkian, for sure will vote for PAS.No matter MB Nizar or a cow .We only vote for PAKATAN. We want to teach a lesson to … Even my grandma was told to vote for moon. Hidup PAKATAN….. hello anei, if u vote for PAS u all nanti kena hukum hudut.are sure u want ar?before this u vote for PAS, what u get?nothing i suppose.u still be an indian guy who are struglle to make a advice vote for umno.remember what pas give u schools?jobs?bisnes?some more if u vote for pas u susah mau minum beer… Read more »


hahaha u guys really idiots lah. if PR memerintah they also will done the same to umno fellow. just imagine, 11 month, memerintah perak, nizar order all the tabika kemas to shut down..then give the 999 years to non malays…


I think victory at Bukit Gantang is a foregone conclusion but what is the prognosis in Bukit Selambau? There are nine (9) independents contesting, maybe more. Even if each of them draw 200 votes, it’s still about 2000 votes drawn from PKR which may mean a stolen victory.

Also, Hindraf is threatening not to support the PKR candidate. The tear gas and water cannons have helped PKR somewhat but will be enough?

Why the unusual no. of independents in Bk Selambau? Is it because the elected assemblyperson will be worth (a lot) million to be ‘friendly’ to BN?


When UMNO resort to this type of intimidation by using the FRU…
No fight even without having ceremahs…this only will increase the popularity of PR. Bravo UMNO, you shot yourself in the foot.


malaysia changing name to myanmar?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Must go beyond ‘ceramah’ to convey the vital message
Given the limited, restricted and narrow passage
Think of the best ways to get the best mileage
Without the need to suffer unnecessary damage

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 250309
Wed. 25th Mar. 2009.

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Gone is the past friendly handshake
Now it’s more the unwanted handcuff
When there’s excessive political brake
We must all wonder who’s really being rough?

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 250309
Wed. 25th Mar. 2009.

Barathi Tamil

As OBAMA says…” we need change”

Barathi Tamil

We perakian, and Bt Gantangkian, for sure will vote for PAS.No matter MB Nizar or a cow .We only vote for PAKATAN. We want to teach a lesson to … Even my grandma was told to vote for moon.
Hidup PAKATAN…..


those … low EQ polices and fru, what they know about democratic?? lets us pray hard that Pakatan will all the by election with bigger majority. we rakyat must must send them a clear message. “Change NOW”

Ex Neutral

I think a win in Bkt Gantang for PR is a foregone conclusion. Perhaps actions like this might help the umno candidate lose his deposit. I’m certainly looking forward to that.


Where is Bala?


Some friends of mine was gassed at the gathering at Bukit Selambau.
Initially I would describe them as fence sitters, just there to listen to what Anwar had to say.

Now they are mad as hell at BN….


signs of bn breaking up is is becoming more defensive rather then being rational

Ramazi- Caucasaus

Napolean : “You must not fight too often with the same enemy, or you will teach him all your tricks of war” and “Never interupt your enemy when he is making a mistake” Fit the cap accordingly.


BN has created an unfair playing field for the by-elections by hassling people who attend the PR ceramahas and banning the Pas and PKR publications. However, the Rakyat will still be able to get news from the Blogging community, so keep up the good work, Anil.

lizzie wong

It appears that BN is set on not allowing pakatan to hold any ceramahs. I think, as a backup, could they distribute CD-ROMs to those who attend, so that shld the ceramah be called off, those who came have sthg to look at when they are home.


Ceramah or no ceramah,the rakyat have already made a decision who to vote for… let the power to be continue doing what they are doing.

They will not win back the hearts of the people lah.

johanssm / khun Pana

Just obey their orders or rather their … for the time being.
Public safety is paramount .
Dont worry about the ceramah as the rakyat able to see who is wrong and who is right.
Suggest that the PR to have ready plans as soon as possible.
As PR have a bright future as the federal government of Malaysia.
And this could happens anytime ( in politics , everything is anytime )…